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Tax help guides:

How to get back control of your SARS eFiling profile
How to Register your Company for SARS eFiling
How to make payment to SARS via EFT
How to Get a Tax Number in South Africa
How to submit your return to SARS
What is provisional tax? How and when do I pay it?
How to Register for SARS eFiling
How to use SARS eFiling to File Income Tax Returns
How to submit an empty / nil return to SARS
How to Authorize TaxTim for Submissions
Is my SARS eFiling profile still being verified?
How to add Banking Details to SARS eFiling
How to upload supporting documents to verify your eFiling account
How to make a payment via eFiling
Why does SARS / TaxTim say my supporting document is password protected when it isn't?
How to deactivate two-factor verification on SARS eFiling
How to add bank details when sharing your profile with TaxTim
How to confirm your OTP for eFiling registration
How to draw a statement of account on SARS efiling
New OTP process to authorise the Tax Type move request
How to request your Tax Compliance Status on SARS eFiling
How to regain access to your SARS eFiling tax profile
How to register and deregister for provisional tax on SARS eFiling?
How to see which Tax Directives SARS has on record for you
How to get 'shared' access to your SARS eFiling profile
How to change from an Organisation to an Individual profile on SARS eFiling

Tax chats:

Do I need to file a tax return?
Am I a Tax Resident of South Africa?
Can I deduct Home Office expenses?
Is a portion of my Foreign Income exempt from tax?
Find out if you are a Provisional Taxpayer
Is my business a Small Business Corporation?
Should I register for Turnover Tax?
Am I an Independent Contractor?
Do I need to ring-fence my loss?
Can I deduct prepaid expenditure?
Do I qualify for the small business capital gains exclusion on retirement?
Senior PHP developer interview
Tax helpdesk assistant interview
Mid/Junior PHP developer interview
Do I qualify for the Covid-19 provisional tax deferral?
Designer Interview
Is my business a Personal Service Provider?
Have you received a SARS Auto-Assessment?

Tax definitions:

SARS eFiling
Connected person
Provisional Tax
Wear and Tear
Public Benefit Organisation
Base Cost
Source code
Public Office
Primary Residence
Tax Year
Tax season
Medical Tax Credits
Business Code Table
Physical impairment
Qualifying Medical Expenses
Local Asset Codes
Foreign Asset Codes
Source Code - Reason for non-deduction of PAYE
Tax Free Savings Account
Gross Income
Taxable Income
Net Income
Provisional Taxpayers
Working Days
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Standard Industry Codes
Voluntary Disclosure Programme
Capital and Reserves
Provision for Doubtful Debts
Small Business Corporation
Bad Debts
Bank Branch Codes

Tax forms:


Tax guide books:

Tax guide for salary earners (IRP5)
Capital Gains Tax
Foreign Income Tax for SA Residents
Donation Tax - All you need to know
Rental income tax guide
Medical Expenses & Tax
Tax & Retirement- What you need to know
Tax on Investments - What you need to know
The Complete Tax Deductibles Guide
Provisional Tax
The Guide to Small Business Tax
The Company Tax Guide
Turnover Tax Explained


Tax calculators
How to calculate how much income tax you will pay
How to calculate your Tax Refund
How to calculate tax on Retirement, Retrenchment or Death benefit lump sum payout
How to optimise your Travel Deduction
Calculate Capital Gains Tax
Calculate Medical Aid Tax Credits
Calculate Depreciation / Wear and Tear
Will I get a Tax Refund this Year?
Calculate Small Business Income Tax
s12(c) Wear and Tear Calculator (Manufacturing company only)
SBC Wear and Tear Calculator (Small Business Corporation only)
Calculate s11(f) Lease Premium Allowance
Calculate s11(g) Leasehold Improvements

Other services:

Mobile vehicle logbook
Expense Tracker App
Student Assist
Clerk Assist
Help with SARS eFiling
Small Business Tax

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