Frequently asked questions

What makes TaxTim the fastest, easiest way to submit your tax return

What is TaxTim?

TaxTim is your very own digital tax assistant. He is here to help you complete and submit your tax return as quickly and easily as possible to SARS. Think of him as an all-in-one tax practitioner in a box :)

How does TaxTim work?

After registering on the TaxTim website, TaxTim will appear on screen and start asking you questions about your salary, expenses and other incomes. Much like a WhatsApp chat, the conversation is interactive and will explain all those complicated tax terms in simple to understand plain language that absolutely everyone can follow. After the chat TaxTim fills in your tax return forms instantly and submits them to SARS in just a click!

Do I need to know anything about tax to use TaxTim?

Not at all. TaxTim is built for absolutely everyone and zero tax knowledge is required to use it. TaxTim will guide you step-by-step to get your tax returns done right, first time.

Who are the people behind TaxTim? Is it just a bot?

TaxTim is powered by a passionate team of Chartered Accountants and expert Tax Practitioners based in our Cape Town office. All of the TaxTim questions and help materials were written by us to help you understand the world of tax better. If at any stage you feel lost or uncertain, we are waiting to help you on our helpdesk, email or social media. Working late on your tax return? We're probably also up.

How is TaxTim different to SARS eFiling?

SARS has created one of the best systems in the world for submitting tax returns online. Think of TaxTim as a layer on top of SARS eFiling, designed to help you better and make life easier:

SARS eFiling TaxTim
Functions Submit tax forms
Provide assessments
Submit tax forms
Explain assessments
Find all possible deductions
Optimize tax payable
Increase potential refund
Language Tax terminology Plain language + explanations
Help provided SARS website
Call centre operator
SARS branch
Friendly tax practitioners and CA's via online helpdesk
In-context help and explanations
7,000+ tax articles and calculators
Checking your submission Basic compliance checks Basic compliance checks
Potential tax deduction checks
Multiple system checks to detect errors
Audit requests Sent to you Sent to you
Explained to you
Additional tools None Yes many! See below

Aren't my taxes too complicated for TaxTim to handle?

No individual taxpayer or tax situation is too complicated for us to handle. The only section we do not complete for people is the Farming section, which we hope doesn't affect too many of you. So from foreign dividends to local business, from independent contractors to capital gains - you name it - TaxTim is perfectly suited to take care of any tax situation and complete and submit your tax return to SARS, whether it's simple or complicated.

Is it easy to switch from eFiling to TaxTim?

Yes it is. Connecting TaxTim to your eFiling profile takes less than a minute (on average) and once connected you can import your saved IRP5s from eFiling (saves you time), submit your completed tax returns to eFiling in a click, get your ITA34 assessments and letters (we'll explain what these mean when we send them to you) and upload supporting documents. All your TaxTim submissions are copied onto eFiling automatically so you can go back to eFiling should you ever wish to.

How much does it cost?

For our latest pricing, please see our pricing page. Please note the price quoted is per tax return and is a once-off price, NOT a subscription or monthly cost. Therefore, in most cases where you only need to file a tax return once in a year, then the cost will be one single payment. If you are behind in your tax return filings and you need the prior year and current year filed, you will need to pay the fee twice (two tax returns).

We have partnerships with some of South Africa's biggest brands, so look out for discounts that may apply to you - some offer TaxTim for free! First time users currently qualify for 15% off TaxTim if they pay upfront.

Do I need to have all my documents prepared before I start with TaxTim?

No you don't. TaxTim will ask you for specific information from your documents as you follow the on screen process. TaxTim will tell you what documents you need and where to look on them for the numbers you need. If you don't have the document required TaxTim will help you to get it from your medical scheme, investment house, etc. You can start and stop, leave and come back at any time - your work is saved automatically as you go.

Is my tax return checked before it goes to SARS?

Yes, our system checks your tax return before it is submitted to SARS. Remember, you are responsible for filling in the correct amounts (only you know these!) but we check to ensure it makes sense and there are no obvious duplicates or omissions and you have answered all the relevant questions. We will query any unusual amounts with you to ensure they are correct. Let us pick up any errors, before your tax return gets sent to SARS.

What if I need help along the way?

We have an online help desk which is manned by expert tax practitioners who are trained to assist you through the process and also answer any technical questions you may have. We also have an instant chat for those burning questions that just can’t wait. We are very patient, you can ask us anything at all!

Does TaxTim help me after submitting my return if I get audited?

Yes, we certainly do! We guide you through the document submission process by clarifying which supporting documents you need to submit and then sending those documents to SARS for you (only if we have connected to your SARS eFiling profile).

Depending on load, we also help with the dispute resolution / objection process if requested (although there will be a fee charged).

I'm afraid... What if I do something horribly wrong?

You really don't need to worry :) Our team of tax experts will catch most mistakes where possible, although we can't tell if you made a small mistake like a typo. Our system is designed to be extremely thorough, so we will likely ask you more questions than required at times, but at least you know you have entered everything and done things properly. If you are worried about how to claim or if you can claim, you can reach us on live chat or our helpdesk to ask.

If you notice a problem after you have submitted to SARS, it's easy to make a correction on TaxTim and submit a corrected tax return. SARS will not get upset with you for making honest mistakes and corrections are quite routine.

What do I get for my money, besides a completed tax return?

  1. Tax season deadline reminders so you never forget to submit on time.
  2. An online document storage facility to keep important tax certificates safe.
  3. Multiple system checks before submission to SARS.
  4. Online support from expert tax practitioners throughout the process.
  5. A "Tax Health Score" report containing personalised recommendations on how to become more tax efficient.
  6. Tax Expense Tracker app to track expenses throughout the year and make end-of-year accounting easy.
  7. Vehicle logbook app to track your work and private car trips.
  8. Assistance with supporting documents submission, if audited by SARS.
  9. Assistance with dispute resolution / objection process, if applicable. (Note there may be an additional fee charged depending on the complexity of the dispute).
  10. Last but not least, peace of mind when doing your taxes.


Marc is one of the original founders of TaxTim. He is a Chartered Accountant, trained in local and international tax. When you connect your eFiling profile to TaxTim your transfer request will come from MD SEVITZ because he is the main tax practitioner on record for TaxTim.