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Supported by SARS registered tax practitioner PR-0009352.
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Anyone can chat to Tim online

Tim asks you questions and explains things in plain English, with links to more help if you are an expert or just unsure.

Simple and fast

If you have a simple return with no complications, your conversation will skip the hard stuff. You'll be done in no time at all!

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Tim is kept up-to-date by certified tax practitioners for reliable accuracy and maximum refund. Your information is 256-bit SSL secured at all times.

Tim submits to SARS for you

TaxTim is directly integrated with SARS eFiling so can submit your tax return straight to SARS with one click convenience.
Why eFile when you can T-file!

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We'll tell you when tax season is open and when it closes. Nothing more.

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A great idea! Tim from TaxTim makes tax easy to understand and takes the stress and confusion out of submitting returns.
- Emma L-P, Business Analyst

Grant T

I used to be completely tax-ignorant. TaxTim made things easy and helped save me money.
- Grant T, TB Research Scientist

Kyle C

TaxTim really helped me complete my tax return. I usually dread tax season, but Tim made it pain-free and affordable. I will definitely use TaxTim again.
- Kyle C, Mechanical Engineer

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TaxTim helps you to complete and submit your tax returns to SARS correctly, all on your own.

Just answer simple questions one-by-one and you'll get your fully completed tax return instantly.
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