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Helpful step-by-step guides and tutorials:

How to Get a Tax Number in South Africa
How to submit your return to SARS
Provisional tax, how and when to pay explained
How to Register for SARS eFiling
How to Register your Company for SARS eFiling
How to use SARS eFiling to File Income Tax Returns
How to use SARS eFiling to File Company Tax Returns
How to submit an empty / nil tax return
How to authorize TaxTim to submit returns to SARS on your behalf
How to get back control of your SARS eFiling profile

Help with deciding on a tax matter:

Do I need to file a tax return?
How to decide if you are a tax resident of South Africa
How to find out if you can deduct home office expenses
How to find out if your foreign income is exempt from income tax
How to find out if you are a provisional taxpayer in South Africa
Is my business a Small Business Corporation?
Should I register for Turnover Tax?
Am I an Independent Contractor?
Do I need to Ring-Fence my Loss?
Can I deduct prepaid expenses for my company?

Tax definitions:

What is an IRP5?
What is an IT3(a)?
What is an IT3(b)?
What is an IT3(c)?
What is an ITR12?
What is an ITR14?
What is an IRP6?
What is an ITA34?
What is SARS eFiling?
What is a Connected Person?
What is provisional tax? Am I a provisional taxpayer?
Calculate Wear and Tear / Depreciation using Interpretation Note 47
Definition of Disability / Impairment
Definition of a Public Benefit Organisation
Definition of Incur
Definition of Spouse
Definition of Proceeds
Definition of Partnership
Definition of Base Cost
List of IRP5 Source Codes
Definition of Public Office
Definition of Primary Residence
Definition of Tax Year
Definition of Tax Season
Definition of Income
What is a Medical Tax credit?
What is S10(1)(o)(ii) income?
How do I convert to Rands for my SARS tax return?
List of business source codes