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How to register and deregister for provisional tax on SARS eFiling?

Submit your provisional tax returns online quickly and easily using SARS eFiling

You can Register yourself for provisional tax in a few quick steps on your eFiling profile:


STEP 1: Get Started by logging in on eFiling

Go to

Type in your unique username and password – you will have decided on these when you registered for eFiling.

Didn’t register yet to eFile? Please refer to our How to register for eFiling blog.

STEP 2: Go to Tax Types section to register for provisional tax.

Click on "Home" on the top menu and then "Tax Types" and "Manage Tax Types" under the "User" section on the left menu bar.


STEP 3: Register for provisional tax

Tick the "Provisional Tax (IRP6)" box under "Action",  and then click on "Submit".


This should allow you to be registered for provisional tax, just in case you were wondering what provisional tax is, please see our Provisional tax guide.

If for any reason you are no longer required to be a provisional taxpayer, you can follow these steps to Deregister:

1. Log into your eFiling profile;

2. Click on "Home";

3. click on "Tax Types" and then click on "Manage Tax Types";

4. Tick the box next to "Deactivate" and then click on "Submit".

If you had a tax practitioner linked to your provisional tax type, the option to deactivate might not be immediately available, please first remove the tax practitioner's access from the tax type, by following these steps How to get back control of your SARS efiling profile


Updated 22 May 2023

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