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When can I submit my tax return?

Register as a Sole Proprietor

Tax Certificate Needed

Overseas income

Will I get a tax refund if I accept the SARS auto-assessment?

Claimable medical expenses

SARS still need more information from me?

Accepted auto assess forgot my travel logbook

What must I do with the auto-assessment from SARS?

Why am I getting auto-assessed? Where is my tax return?

I received an auto assessment sms from SARS

Auto Assess and Travel expenses

Can a sole proprietor claim for vehicle maintenance?

Medical Aid claims and Dependents

Retrenchment tax

Living, working and paying tax abroad

Transfers from spouse & car sales

Are Share Options taxed on date of them vesting (eligible but not exercised) or only when exercised?

Changing banking details

Takehome salary?

If my take home is R34000 What will my salary be before?

What does \

I just don't understand this "due to you" thing it is been 3 working days since I have been to SARS and I have not received anything. I don't know if I owe them or they owe me, even though my assessment says "due to you"

Married in Community of Property

Code 3713 Implications?

I have been paying PAYE on a site/home allowance which I get because I work on a site away from home. Can I get a tax deduction on this. My employer put it as a code 3713 on my IRP5.


Calculate salary pro-rata based on a basic salary of R18000 per month - days worked 14

Calculate the pro-rata salary based on the basic of R18000 - 14 days worked on VIP payroll. Calculate the PAYE on the pro-rata salary as well. How does VIP calculate PAYE on a pro-rata salary?

What is an ITA34 form and where do I get it for credit card applications at a bank?

Hi Tim I applied for a credit card at a certain bank and they want me to submit an ITA34 form because I do not have a payslip as I am self-employed.

Please explain this form to me and where best I can obtain it? Thanks

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