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OUR VISION  |  Make Tax Easy

In 2011 two Cape Town guys raised seed funding from Google to build a digital tax assistant called Tim. Since then, this two man team (1 part tech + 1 part tax) has helped over 5.9 million South Africans to make tax returns quick, easy and almost fun.

In 2014 they integrated with SARS, in 2015 they partnered with PwC to expand into Namibia, in 2016 they raised investment from Exponential, the innovation arm of JSE-listed MMI Holdings.

What's next? Africa and the rest of the world.

This where we need you. We need to expand our current team of seven so that we can do more, faster. Making the complex world of tax simple and approachable to average Joe's is no easy task. The road ahead is unchartered, but we're discovering the landscape and building it as we go. Assume nothing. Try anything. The best challenges take time. If we can solve this... we can solve anything.

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