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How to Get a Tax Number in South Africa

Are you registered as a taxpayer? You need to be in order to use TaxTim.

First check to see if you have a tax number already

Your employer may have registered you in the past. If this is the case, you would have been issued with a 10-digit tax reference number from SARS and you would have an IT150 Notification of registration that states your reference number.

You can also check your IRP5 or payslip from your employer as your tax reference number may appear there.

If you think you *might* have a tax number but aren't sure, you can phone SARS at 0800 00 7277 to check or you can request it online by following these steps:

Visit the SARS website.

On the top menu bar, click on "Contact Us".

Click on the "Request your Tax number"

Complete the form and choose "What's My Tax Number" as the query type

SARS will send you your tax number, if they were able to verify your credentials.

If you have not registered then you can do so on eFiling or at a branch.

Registering for a tax number via eFiling

Getting a tax number is now as easy as registering on SARS eFiling. Simply register on efiling and if you do not yet have a personal income tax number, SARS will automatically register you and issue a tax reference number. You are required to have a valid South African ID. For more information see the step by step guide to register for eFiling and register for Personal Income Tax automatically.

Registering for a tax number at a branch
(please note, visits to SARS branches will be limited during lockdown due to Covid-19)
Take the following documents to your nearest SARS branch to register as a tax payer:

  • A certified legible copy of your ID, passport or drivers license. Certification of copied documents can be done at your nearest police station (just remember to take the original along too).
  • Proof of latest address (this can be a rates bill, utilities bill, phone bill etc, must show where you live - anything that shows your name and your address on an official letterhead) Your bank statement is NOT proof of address!
  • 3 months latest banks statements, original and stamped by the bank.

SARS should register you on the SARS system and  provide you with your new tax number immediately!
You should receive your tax number by post some time after your in-branch registration in the form of an IT150 / Notification of registration. If you would like to call SARS (0800 00 7277) to find out what the current status of your registration is, remember to have your ID number with you for the call.

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Updated 1 December 2022

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