Make tax easy with Sanlam Reality and TaxTim

Do your own tax return quickly, easily and with confidence, at no cost to you!

At a Glance

Sanlam Reality is the lifestyle, wellness and rewards programme of the Sanlam Group. Sanlam Reality members save money on wellness, travel and entertainment, get discounts on their Sanlam products, and are rewarded for financially responsible behaviour.

What you get

Sanlam Reality has partnered with TaxTim to help members complete their income tax returns efficiently and correctly. Fully integrated with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), TaxTim offers three tax submission options: Lite, Smart and Ultra.

Sanlam Reality Club, Core, Plus & Health Club members will be able to sign up and use TaxTim for free and opt for any of the packages listed above. Plus, they will also earn 3 000 tier points towards their tier status by importing their IRP5 into the system or submitting their tax return.
Note: Earning tier points are not applicable to Reality Club members.

What is TaxTim

TaxTim is your digital tax assistant, who helps you complete and file your tax return with confidence. Quickly, easily and correctly. He offers the convenience of online filing with the added benefit of a tax professional to guide you step-by-step.

  • Easy: Simply have an on-screen conversation, in plain English, and Tim will fill in your tax return form instantly.
  • Secure: TaxTim is fully integrated with SARS eFiling enabling you to import your IRP5 data and submit your completed return in one click.
  • Accurate: Automated checks ensure your tax return is completed correctly and complies with SARS rules and guidelines.
  • Expertise: Tim ensures you claim for every possible deduction available; reducing your tax liability and maximising your potential refund, when applicable.
  • Save money: It's like having your own tax practitioner at no cost to you. (For Sanlam Reality members only)

How it works

  1. Register by creating your user profile and start your journey.
  2. During setup of your tax return, select that you are a member of Sanlam Reality.
  3. You will then be prompted to enter your ID or passport number and surname.
  4. TaxTim will help select the correct package for your needs. Completing and submitting your tax return will be free.
  5. Answer a few simple questions online. TaxTim will use your answers to complete your tax return instantly and professionally, while making sure that you are claiming for all the deductions applicable to you and that your return meets SARS compliance regulations.
  6. Once completed, TaxTim submits your tax return to SARS for you with just one click.

To find out more about Sanlam Reality, contact the Sanlam Reality Call Centre on 0860 732 548/9 or go to

Need free assistance with your annual Tax returns? You can enjoy expert help and access to a suite of lifestyle benefits by joining Sanlam Reality. Find out here how you can save!

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