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At a glance

Momentum is here for your journey to success; whether it’s to help you save for retirement or navigate your taxes. Your finances shouldn’t make you want to run for the hills.

Maximise your refund and file with confidence this tax season with TaxTim. Potentially complete your return in 20 minutes or less using any mobile device – all from the comfort of your home.

TaxTim’s expert online guidance is friendly and easy to follow. It guides you step by step through completing and submitting your tax return. Momentum clients and Multiply members can obtain a discount of up to 30%. As a bonus, your free Tax Health Score also tells you how you can become more tax efficient.

Plus, it’s fully integrated with SARS eFiling, which means that returns are directly submitted on your behalf.

What you get

Momentum clients and Multiply members can obtain a discount of up to 30%.

Take your Tax Health Score to your Momentum Financial Planner or Independent Financial Adviser to see how you can become more tax efficient.

* Adult dependants are not eligible for the TaxTim special offer.


This offer covers only Individual (ITR12) and Provisional (IRP6) tax returns, Company tax returns (ITR14) are excluded.

TaxTim helps all individuals, whether you:
Earn a monthly salary;
Are a freelancer or earn commission; or
Are an entrepreneur with your own business as a sole proprietor.

How it works

  1. Register on the TaxTim website by creating your user profile to start your journey.
  2. Enter your RSA ID number or passport number to get up to 30% off.
  3. Choose the TaxTim package that is most suited to you.
  4. Optional: Link your SARS eFiling account to TaxTim to save time by importing your IRP5.
  5. Answer simple questions online about your income and expenses. TaxTim uses your answers to complete your tax return instantly and professionally while making sure that you are claiming for all the deductions applicable to you and that your return meets SARS compliance regulations.
  6. Once completed, TaxTim submits your tax return to SARS for you with just one click.
  7. Should you need any help along the way, please ask the TaxTim helpdesk.

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Learn more

If you get stuck, you can ask TaxTim any tax-related question. The TaxTim tax experts answer a range of questions every day, from simple to complicated, and cover diverse topics like:
  • "Where do I get my tax number?"
  • "What does the red text on my SARS assessment mean?"
  • "How do I claim Home Office expenses?"

The site has over 7 000 published questions and blogs available, in addition to simple tax calculators and decision-tree tools built to help taxpayers with common tax troubles.

For more information visit Alternatively, you can contact the Multiply service call centre on 0861 886 600.

The standard TaxTim Ts & Cs apply.