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New OTP process to authorise the Tax Type move request

SARS has recently changed the process for authorising the transfer of eFiling profiles to Tax Practitioners.

We’ve setup a few steps that we need you to follow so that we can help you submit your return to SARS:

Please do the following:

1. Go to and click on “Manage Tax Type Transfer”

2. Complete the following information below and click “Submit”

3. SARS will ask you how you want to recieve your One Time PIN (OTP) - by email or by SMS. Choose an option then enter the last 6 digits of the OTP.

4. Lastly, the Power of Attorney notice must be approved. This gives TaxTim's tax practitioner (Marc Sevitz) access to submit your tax returns. You need to click the Authorise button for each tax type requested, then click "Submit".

When done, please wait for email confirmation from TaxTim that you are connected. This should arrive within 5 minutes or less.

For a small group of people, SARS does a manual check on the details supplied for the transfer. If this is you, your transfer will only be completed at 19:30 PM (when SARS completes their transfer checks). We will email you once we are connected. We wish this could be faster!

Posted 23 April 2020