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Can I deduct Home Office expenses?

Answer Tim's simple questions below to find out if your home office qualifies for a tax deduction

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Yes, I can deduct home office expenses

This means that you would include the relevant deductions under the "Other deductions" section in your ITR12, in the block for Home Office expenses.

You will need to add up all the allowed amounts, then multiply them by the portion of your house that is contained by your demarcated, dedicated home office.

For example:
Rates (R2,400) + Electricity (R1,500) = R3,900
House is 60 square metres
Office is 3m x 4m = 12 square metres
Portion = R3,900 x 12 / 60 = R780.

You can also use our handy Home Office Calculator to assist with your workings. 

Click here to read more about the Home Office Deduction in our blog. 

TaxTim will ask you all the right questions so that you complete your tax return correctly, and get your maximum allowable tax refund.

No, I cannot deduct home office expenses

This means that your ITR12 stays the same and is unaffected.