Teaching article clerks about tax

Clerk Assist teaches article clerks via real-life income tax returns and tax calculations

Apart from offering its service to individuals and corporates, TaxTim also provides an educational module for future Chartered Accountants to ensure that they meet the competency requirements in tax they need to qualify as Chartered Accountants.

By providing article clerks in training with a simulated case study containing real-life documents and tax related information, they learn first-hand what questions to ask, what information to collect and most importantly, how to complete an individual income tax return later on in their professional careers.

Clerks at leading training institutions enjoy the below:

  • Work is completed and handed-in online / via mobile phone
  • Clerks see the results of their work (a completed tax return) instantly
  • Marks are calculated instantly and automatically, ready for download.
  • Clerks learn what questions to ask their future clients.

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