How to request your Tax Compliance Status on SARS eFiling

Steps to obtain your tax clearance

Step 1

Login to your SARS eFiling profile and click on Tax Status at the top of the screen, then click on Tax Clearance Certificates on your left and then click on Application.

Step 2

Click on Activation on your left, select the box next to Tax Compliance Status and the box next to Disclaimer, then click on Activate and then click on Continue.

Step 3

Click on Tax Compliance Status Request and select the reason you need the certificate, then click on Request.

Step 4

A PDF document should open for you. You need to enter your contact number, email address and then click on Continue.

This process should submit your application to SARS. You will then be sent back to this page, and you should now see the application you made.

To share the Tax Compliance Status (TCS) pin with a service provider / employer / tender application, select the box next to the green button which shows Compliant and click on SMS PIN and enter the cellphone number you want to send it to and SARS will send it to them.

Steps 5-7 are for the person who requested the TCS from you

Step 5

The person who asked you to apply for a Tax Compliance Certificate, must log into their eFiling profile, click on Status, Tax Compliance Status Verification and then click on New Verification Request.

They will have to use your tax number, the security pin you sent them via SMS and then they must enter the Verify the Security Code and click on Continue.

Step 6

Here they will have to click on Continue.

Step 7

This is the screen the person who requested the tax compliance from you will see. It will state if you are tax compliant or not.

NB: your TCS will always show as it is at the current date. This means that if you applied for the TCS at at time that you were tax compliant, but you missed the recent tax return filing deadline and are no longer tax compliant, your status will show as it is the current date (i.e not compliant) and it will not account for a previous date when you were tax compliant.

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