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Is a portion of my Foreign Income exempt from tax?

Answer Tim's simple questions below to find out if some of your foreign income is tax exempt

Tim is typing...

Hello, my name is Tim. I will ask you a set of questions to help you decide whether you can claim a portion of your foreign income as exempt.

Yes, I can claim my Foreign Income as Exempt

Either your employer will include the exempt portion on your IRP5, or you will need to include the exempt income under "Amounts not considered taxable" on your income tax return under the block for "Exempt amount i.t.o s10(1)(o)". Avoid the confusion, let TaxTim ask you all the right questions one-by-one so that you complete your tax return correctly, and get your maximum allowable tax refund.

No, I cannot

This means that your ITR12 stays the same and is unaffected.