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How to submit your return to SARS

With TaxTim it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Once you have a SARS issued tax reference number you can get started using TaxTim:

  1. Visit and register.
  2. Answer TaxTim's easy to understand questions about your tax year.
  3. TaxTim fills in your tax return for you instantly. Get started now! →

Now that you have your completed tax return, there are three ways to submit it to SARS:

METHOD 1: Convenient one-click filing

  1. If you used TaxTim to complete your tax return, enjoy quick and easy one-click direct electronic filing straight to SARS via TaxTim!

METHOD 2: Submit online via the internet and eFiling

  1. If you haven't registered for eFiling yet, read how to register for SARS eFiling.
  2. Logon to your eFiling profile and open the applicable ITR12 / ITR14.
  3. Don't know your way around eFiling? Try our easy SARS eFiling guide.
  4. Copy everything from the tax return generated by TaxTim onto your blank ITR12 / ITR14 on eFiling.
  5. Fill in the missing personal information (see our security policy).
  6. File your tax return on eFiling and it will be sent to SARS.
  7. Await feedback regarding the status of your tax return and any applicable refunds.

METHOD 3: Manual submit in person

  1. Print the tax return that TaxTim generates for you.
  2. Ask SARS to generate an ITR12 / ITR14 tax return for you (contains a personalised barcode). They can send to you by post or you can get this in person from your nearest SARS office.
  3. Copy the information across from the printed copy to your tax return. Fill in the missing personal/company information (see our security policy).
  4. Either post your tax return or deliver in person to your nearest SARS office. If you deliver in person, you will get a confirmation number (a good idea).
  5. Wait for notification of any refund if applicable.

Posted 28 March 2017

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