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What is an ITR12?

An ITR12 or Income Tax Return is a form that SARS requires all individuals (including provisional taxpayers) to complete and submit to SARS once every year. The form is used to declare your incomes and expenses so that SARS can calculate how much tax you need to pay, or how much of a tax refund SARS needs to pay you.

Taxpayers only need to complete one ITR12 each year, even if they have several incomes from different employers or different income sources. That is because the ITR12 form contains all the incomes within it, on different pages. For example, if you worked two different jobs, you would have two IRP5 documents from your employer showing your income. You would simply copy the first IRP5 into your ITR12, followed by the second one (into the same ITR12) so that SARS knows your total income for the tax year.

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