Travel Deduction Tax Calculator for 2022

Compare Actual Costs and Deemed Costs for the Maximum Tax Deduction

You may only claim travel expenses if you kept a valid vehicle logbook.

Which situation fits you?
I receive a Travel Allowance or Taxable Reimbursive Allowance (source code 3701 / 3702 is on my IRP5/IT3a).
I am an Independent Contractor / Commission Earner (source code 3606 / 3616 is on my IRP5/IT3a).
I run my own business / am a sole proprietor / freelancer.
Tax year:  
Date you started using the car:
Date you stopped using the car:
Cost price of vehicle:
Including VAT, excluding interest
Year vehicle was purchased:
Total KM driven (within tax year):
Business KM driven (within tax year):
Do you hire / lease this vehicle?   Yes   No
Did you keep any records of vehicle-related expenses?   Yes   No

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