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Connected person

What is a connected person?

A Connected Person (in terms of a human being) is defined as either:

  1. A relative of yours, including your -
    • Spouse (i.e a partner in a marriage or union recognised in terms of law or any religion, or in the same sex or heterosexual union which the Commissioner is satisfied is intended to be permanent)
    • Children
    • Grandchildren
    • Great-grandchildren
    • Parents
    • Grandparents
    • Great-grandparents
    • Brothers and sisters
    • Nephews and nieces
    • Uncles and aunts
    • In addition, all of the above relatives of that person's spouse would be relatives of the person, as well as the spouses of any of those relatives.
  2. Any trust of which you or a relative of yours is a beneficiary

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