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How to upload supporting documents to verify your eFiling account

1. Log into your eFiling profile
2. Click on Home
3. Click User
4. Then select “Pending registration”
5. Thereafter click on “Open” in the middle of the page

5. This will take you to the “Registration work page” 

5.1 On the “Registration work page” you can click on “View” (arrow 1) to see what SARS wants you to send them. They usually request a certified copy of your ID, three months bank statement that’s stamped by the bank and a utility bill to prove your address.

5.2 To upload the documents, you need to click on “Documents for registration” you will be sent to a page where SARS will allow you to either upload the documents or inform eFiling that you dropped the documents at SARS in person.

6. The page you will be sent to is called “Supporting documents for registration of tax types”

6.1 Click on choose a file to search for the documents on your PC (arrow one)

6.2 After this, click on “Upload” this will attach the documents under the “Uploaded documents” section.

6.3 If all your documents are uploaded, you can click on the button called “Submit to SARS” this will remove the option to upload any more documents, please make sure that all that you want to send to SARS are uploaded before you click on the “Submit to SARS button” (arrow 3)

Posted 20 February 2018