How to make payment to SARS via EFT

If your ITA34 assessment indicates that you unfortunately have an outstanding payment to make to SARS, this step-by-step guide  will help you navigate your way around the payment process. 

Follow these quick steps to get the payment details required to make your payment to SARS by EFT:

Step 1: Login to your SARS eFiling account

Visit then login with your SARS username and password.

The relevant INCOME TAX WORK PAGE should load. If you see a different tax return than the one you need, click on Returns History and navigate to the tax return you were assessed for.

Step 2: Request Historic Notice

You should see the screen below. Click on Request Historic Notice.

Step 3: Request a Statement of Account

Click on the checkbox next to 'I want to request a Statement of Account'. Then click Next.

6 months is fine, it will show your latest balance.

Step 4: View your Statement of Account

Scroll right down to the bottom of your Statement of Account PDF.

You will see the required payment details for SARS:
- Bank name
- Account name
- Payment reference number (you need to get this right!)
- Amount payable

Login to your online banking account or visit your bank with these details to get your payment done.

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