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How to make payment to SARS via EFT

If your ITA34 assessment indicates that you unfortunately have an outstanding payment to make to SARS, this step-by-step guide  will help you navigate your way around the payment process. 

Follow these quick steps to get the payment details required to make your payment to SARS by EFT:

Step 1: Login to your SARS eFiling account

Visit then login with your SARS username and password.

The relevant INCOME TAX WORK PAGE should load. If you see a different tax return than the one you need, click on Returns History and navigate to the tax return you were assessed for.

Step 2: Request Historic Notice

You should see the screen below. Click on Request Historic Notice.

Step 3: Request a Statement of Account

Click on the checkbox next to 'I want to request a Statement of Account'. Then click Next.

6 months is fine, it will show your latest balance.

Step 4: View your Statement of Account

Scroll right down to the bottom of your Statement of Account PDF.

You will see the required payment details for SARS:
- Bank name
- Account name
- Payment reference number (you need to get this right!)
- Amount payable

Login to your online banking account to either make the payment or authorise the eFiling instruction you sent or you can visit your bank with these details to get your payment done.

Posted 23 January 2018

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