How to draw a statement of account on SARS efiling

7 Steps on how to draw a statement of account on SARS efiling:

Step 1.
Log into your SARS efiling profile: 

Step 2.
To the left select: "SARS Correspondence"

Step 3. 
On the dropdown select the: "Request History IT notice"

Step 4. 
Select the relevant option to request a Statement of Account:

Step 5.
You can either select  ‘6 months to date’ or ‘User-defined date range’ if you wish to request a statement for a period greater than 6 months (see format of dates as indicated) .  Click the ‘Request’ button:

Step 6.
Select: "click here to view statement": 

Step 7.
Your statement of account will then be retrieved:

Should you have any queries on your statement of account please do not hesitate to contact the helpdesk for further assistance.

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