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Local Asset Codes

List of asset type source codes

Choose the correct code from the table below:

Description  Gain Loss
Property - non-Primary Residence 

6502  6503 
Property - Primary Residence 

6504  6505 
Listed Financial Instruments -excluding Cryptocurrency
(e.g shares, unit trusts) 

6506  6507 
Unlisted Financial Instruments -excluding Cryptocurrency 

6508  6509 
Intangible Assets
(e.g goodwill, trademarks, copyright, franchises, licenses) 

6510  6511 
Plant and Machinery 

6514  6515 
Other moveable property used mainly for trade
(e.goffice furniture and equipment, vehicles) 

6516  6517 
Other movable property not used mainly for trade purposes other than personal-use assets
(e.g. Boats > 10 metres and personal use aircraft > 450 kg, fiduciary, usufructuary or similar interests, leases of immovable property, time-sharing interests)
6518  6519 
Financial Instruments - Cryptocurrency  6520  6521