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Tax helpdesk

We need you to share your knowledge by helping our customers make tax easy

What is TaxTim?

TaxTim is a digital tax man. Made in the image of our co-founder and CFO Marc, TaxTim contains the brain of a qualified tax practitioner and helps people to do their own tax returns quickly, easily and with confidence. Quite miraculous one may say!

Projects in 2019:
  • Expanding tax assistance to taxpayers via helpdesk, blogs and easy to read tax guides
  • Helping to create an automated process for analysing ITA34s and handling disputes
  • Helping to automate personalised tax efficiency reports

Core job functions:
  • Answer tax questions on our online customer service helpdesk
  • Taxpayer engagement via our online portals and social media
  • Live online chat function to assist taxpayers doing their tax returns
  • Reviewing of tax returns before filing
  • Filing of disputes
  • Writing tax blog posts

  • Undergraduate degree or diploma having done Tax 1 as a core subject or equivalent work experience
  • At least 2 year experience in either an accounting or tax role (if degreed)
  • At least 2-4 years working in a tax role (if not degreed)
  • Passion for tax and helping people
  • Excellent communication skills, patience, empathy and a sense of humour
  • Knowledge about how SARS works and experience using SARS eFiling
  • Comfortable using online website tools for customer admin

Start date:

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