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Why does SARS require manual intervention to finalise my return?

SARS hasn't issued me an ITA34 Assessment yet?

When a Tax Return is filed usually SARS issues an immediate assessment (ITA34), however sometimes they do need to do a further manual check on their side. Often the reason for this is one of the following:

  1. They have a Tax Directive on record for you, but you did not declare the related IRP5/IT3A in your tax return. This often happens in the case of retirement lumpsums which are withdrawn, or transferred to another retirement fund.  You will need to find the missing IRP5 and then submit a corrected return. 
  2. You claimed certain deductions which SARS want to check thoroughly (e.g travel or home office). In this case, they will open a link for supporting documents, which you must submit.
  3. You have an assessed loss on your rental or small business activities which SARS needs to manually verify. In this situation, there is nothing you can do except wait patiently for SARS to finalise their manual processes.
  4. You can follow these steps to see which tax directives SARS has on file for you, you can then forward it to the company and ask them to send you the missing IRP5 - How to see which tax directives SARS has on file for you
  5. You were auto assessed and then decided to file your return after the tax season closed, in this instance you can either lodge a dispute by following these steps: How to file a dispute with SARS or you can request a reduced assessment by following these steps: How to submit a request for reduced assessment via SARS eFiling


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