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FAQs: Tax Clearance or Tax Compliance Status (TSC)

1. I need an actual tax clearance certificate, but each time I apply I am sent a PIN. Can you help me print the certificate?

SARS is no longer issuing tax clearance certificates; instead they issue a PIN, which you need to send to the companies that are requesting tax clearance from you. The company will then enter the PIN on SARS eFiling and check if your taxes are compliant.

2. How can I apply for Tax Clearance?

Please refer to our handy step-by-step guide.

3. What is a tax compliance PIN?

It is a PIN issued to you once you apply for tax clearance. You will only receive this if your tax affairs are up to date with SARS.  You can share this PIN with a 3rd party in order for them to check your tax compliance. Please refer to our handy guide for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a tax clearance status.

4. How long is my tax compliance PIN valid for?

The PIN is valid for 12 months, however the status is a real time outcome.  This means that your status will be updated as soon as your compliance changes. If you are late with filing a return currently, but sent a PIN a while ago to a 3rd party at a time when you were compliant, your current status will show as non-compliant (if they log in and check using your PIN now).

5. I want to apply for contracts with large companies as well as the government – why are they asking me for tax clearance?

It is a way that third parties can ensure that you or your business does not owe any tax to SARS.

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