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How to Register for SARS eFiling

Submit your tax return forms online quickly and easily using SARS eFiling

In order to use SARS eFiling, you will need your own tax reference number.
If you do not have one, please see how to get a South African tax number.

Go to www.sarsefiling.co.za.
Click on Register.

SARS eFiling register button

Look for the option For Individuals. Click the little blue arrow button to continue.

eFiling for individuals

You will be shown the SARS eFiling Terms and Conditions - read them to understand your rights.
You will need to click the checkbox next to "I accept" and press the Continue button to proceed.

eFiling Terms

You will then be asked to complete the registration form with your personal details. Some helpful hints:

Now click Register.

eFiling registration form

On the next page you will see a list of communication types. SARS wants you to register for certain notifications or messages. You will see:

For each communication type you will need to enter your tax reference number in the box that says "Reference Number" and then select which tax office is the nearest to you. Once you have filled in your details for each selected communication type, press the Register button at the bottom of the form.

eFiling contact preferences

Important: The last step is to download a summary of your registration form from SARS eFiling. Click on Home, then Summary, then Declaration to eFile. Complete and sign the form, include a copy of your ID and then either fax these documents to SARS on (011) 602 5312, or send by email to info@sarsefiling.co.za to finalise your eFiling registration.

You are done with registration! In 1 - 2 days time return to www.sarsefiling.co.za, login with the registration details you setup above and click the Returns tab where you will now be able to view your returns for submitting.

Stuck at registration?

After registration, if SARS does not automatically register you and you are stuck, unable to start your tax return, it might be the case that SARS requires further documentation from you. To find out, you can still login to eFiling, then if you click on the User tab at the top you may see a line saying "Pending Registration". Click this and you will notice a "Case Created" message. Clicking on that should display a letter from SARS asking for a certified ID, proof of address or similar document proof. There will be an option to upload digital copies of these documents directly. This message usually appears 24 - 48 hours after trying to register on eFiling. If you are still having hassles, call SARS on 0800 00 7277.