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How to add a registered representative to your company with SARS

On eFiling and the SARS website

In previous years, it was relatively easy to add a company to your eFiling profile, whether it was an Organization or Tax Practitioner profile.

However, since early last year, SARS has changed the procedure. Now, to add a company to your profile, you need to add  a registered representative. In order to do this, you must send a request to SARS along with the following documents each time you want to represent a new company:

  • An image of yourself taken on the day the request is submitted, clearly showing yourself holding up your ID document and a note that reads ‘Update my details’.
  • A copy of your valid identity document or drivers license or passport or temporary identity document or asylum seeker’s certificate/permit, together with the original identification (for those visiting a SARS office).
  • A copy of your proof of residential address, which is not older than 3 months.
  • A copy of your Letter of Appointment in your capacity as Representative, signed by the authorised representatives of the relevant body e.g. Board resolution for a company, letter of authority for a trust, POA completed by the Accounting Officer for Government Institutions etc.
  • A copy of the Notice of Incorporation of the entity that you are representing e.g. CM1/CoR14.1 for a company, or
  • A copy of the Trust Deed, in the case of a Trust, or
  • A certified copy of the identity document of the taxpayer, in case of an individual, or
  • A copy of the Partnership / Joint Venture Agreement in the case of a Partnership or Joint Venture.

These documents need to be uploaded along with the request either on your company’s eFiling profile or on the request if you lodged it on the website instead.

NB: It is however important to note that this request can take SARS anything from a few days up to 21 business days to be finalised. So, if you have a tax return deadline coming up, please submit the request to be added as your company’s registered representative as soon as possible.

We have compiled a few steps you can follow to lodge the request to be added as a registered representative with SARS:

1. Go to the SARS Website and click "Contact Us" in the Top Ribbon of the webpage.

2. Choose the option to "Register a Representative".

3. A form should open up. Please choose your capacity in the company, enter your and the company's details, upload the documents mentioned above, and click "Submit".

Another option is  to submit the request on eFiling:

1. Go to the SARS eFiling website and log into your eFiling profile.

2. Choose the company in the "Taxpayer" list and the top ribbon, and click "Organisations".

3. Scroll down on your left click "SARS Registered Details" and select "Activate Registered Representative"

4. Please read the descriptions listed by SARS explaining exactly what your responsibilities would be toward the company, scroll down, and click on "Activate Registered Representative"

5. If this is your first time requesting to be added as a registered representative, you should see the green message saying you have "No records Found". This is nothing to be alarmed about, just click on "Activate Registered Representative"

6. On the next page, please check that SARS has your correct ID number, name, surname the company's correct registration number, and correct company name then click on "I agree" and "Continue"


7. SARS  will list the access you have to the company's eFiling profile,  please read this, once again review the personal details SARS has listed for you, and click "Activate Registered Representative"

8. Your request should now be linked to a case number on SARS internal systems, but before it's assigned to a SARS consultant,  you will need to upload the documents we mentioned earlier. 

9. Once you have uploaded all the documents, please click on "Submit to SARS"

The SARS system will automatically send you an acknowledgment of receipt of your request and documents via SMS and email. You must ensure you keep this somewhere, so that you can query any delays with SARS  if it takes them longer than 21 business days to process your request. 

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