Finding your way around an IRP5

Posted 2 November 2017 under TaxTim's Blog
Finding your way around an IRP5

Consult the image above to find all the tax-related information on your IRP5 that you will need when completing your annual tax return.
  1. PAYE number
  2. Income source codes
  3. Non-taxable income - source code 3696
  4. Gross Employment Income (taxable) – source code 3699
  5. Deduction source codes
  6. PAYE – source code 4102
  7. PAYE tax on lump sum benefit – source code 4115
  8. Employee and employer UIF contribution – source code 4141
  9. Employer SDL contribution – source code 4142
  10. Total tax, SDL and UIF – source code 4149
  11. Medical Scheme Tax credit - source code 4116
  12. Assessment Year Periods
  13. Number of Periods worked
  14. Earliest date you were employed from
  15. Latest date you were employed until


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