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Freelancer and Tax payments

Laura-lee says:
1 April 2022 at 9:51

I am currently working as a freelance artist who just started earning money from the work which I do, but at the moment I earn approximately R600.00 a month. I also have not been working for a long time before I began with the freelance job, it has been just over 7 months. Do I still need to pay my taxes even though my income isn't fixed and stable? If that is the case I need help in knowing how I can calculate how much of the tax I would need to pay.

TaxTim TaxTim says:
1 April 2022 at 9:58

Kindly refer to our Do I need to file a tax return? decision tree to see if you do qualify to submit a tax return. Kindly also see our blog on the Reasons you still need to file your tax return for more information even if you earn below the threshold.

Please do note that individuals that receive freelance income should also be registered for provisional taxes. Please refer to the following decision tree and blog: Am I a Provisional taxpayer? and What is Provisional Tax? How and when? Should you qualify, you will need to declare all your income along with all your business running costs that you incur in producing your income as they are tax-deductible. These can include accounting fees, membership payments to professional organisations (in line with your business’s trade), and office running costs. SARS may even allow special claims for research and development and various other allowances. These can get complicated, so use TaxTim’s Helpdesk if you have any questions. 

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