Do I have to follow the 183 day Tax law with 60 days consecutive?

I currently work for a company in the Netherlands. I don't work in the Netherlands, I actually travel / work throughout Africa excluding South Africa. When I receive my Salary in South Africa it is paid from one of our subsidiary companies in Cyprus (which I know is a tax free haven). I would like to know if I have to follow the SA Tax Law?

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TaxTim TaxTim says:
10 December 2012 at 16:30

Cyprus is actually no longer seen as a tax haven, but is considered a low-tax jurisdiction as the corporate rate of tax is 10% so no fears about tax havens! Which is a good thing!

Do you do any work in South Africa at all do you spend the majority of your time out of SA? The accepted norm is that the country you work in and perform services is where you should be taxed. However under South African law says that residents are taxed on worldwide income. That is all income earned from wherever around the world.

In this case you need to be subject to the 183 day/60 day rule in which case all that income will be exempt, regardless of where it is paid from. South African law would need to be followed at all times, unless you have officially emigrated from South Africa.

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