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How to refresh your import data on eFiling

If your employer, medical aid, retirement annuity, or investment fund has informed you that the tax certificate they provided is outdated and that they have sent a new tax certificate to SARS, but your tax return is still displaying old data, what steps can you take to fix this issue?

We've had a couple of taxpayers over the years contact us with this problem, and fortunately there is actually quite a simple way to fix it. 

Please follow these steps:

1.  Log ...

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Why is my IRP5 not being imported from eFiling?

The helpdesk has been inundated with questions asking why TaxTim is unable to import IRP5 details from eFiling and why taxpayers have to manually enter all the data that had usually been  imported in previous tax years.

Here's a few reasons, why you may be experiencing this issue:

  • The tax season usually opens 1 July each year -  if you are trying to complete your tax return early (i.e  from 1 March) your data will not be available on eFiling as all instit...

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Can I delete a tax return on eFiling?

Did you start a wrong tax return on eFiling by mistake? This could happen for example, if you selected the wrong tax year.

Can you delete the tax return and start again?

Unfortunately not - once a return has been requested on SARS eFiling, there is no way to delete it.  It will show under Returns Issued as a ‘Saved’ version on your SARS profile. You don’t need to worry about it though. As long as it is not submitted, SARS will ignore it. 

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Why can't I see my return on eFiling after TaxTim submitted it for me?

Why can’t I see my return on eFiling after TaxTim submitted it for me? 

If you don’t see your tax return immediately on eFiling after we’ve confirmed that it’s been sent to SARS, you needn’t panic. SARS usually processes it around 6pm on the day we submit and then it should appear in eFiling shortly thereafter. 

We will then send you the assessment as soon as we receive it from SARS.

Why must I update my tax return with TaxTim?


I have completed my return on TaxTim already and now he is asking me to update some information before he can file? Why is that? Will I lose my information? Do I have to pay anymore money?

Answer: For each tax season, SARS makes some changes to the tax return on eFiling. It looks slightly different to what it looked like in the past and there is a bit more information needed than in previous years.

In order for TaxTim to continue providing the quick and easy service we needed to update our return and questions to match SARS. Don't worry though, there is no difference in the TaxTim side and it will be like nothing has changed for you. ...

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