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Freelancer and full time employee, how does my tax work?

I am full time employee and I have already submitted this current year's tax return.
I am a freelancer in my spare time as I started doing online work and earning dollars.
What is the tax implications and how do I go about it? Could I claim back on the use of my computer etc.?

Do my employment income and freelancing income get taxed together?

I would please like help in calculating my total tax for the year, as I am employed and also a freelancer. Do you just add both income together and then tax a personal income tax percentage for that bracket? Furthermore, I know my employer pay tax monthly but can I also pay tax monthly or should I just reserve the total tax for year-end when I file.

When do I use code 3616 and 3601?

We have a few sub-contracting individuals. Some of them provide ad hoc services to us when we call on them. They often work remotely or at a clients offices, they provide their own laptops, and they are specialists and generally get asked to fix a problem, and then they get on with it. Then there are others that are identical to the above, except they contract to us on a medium to long term, where their main income comes from us, as they work for us 5 days a week, for months or even years at a t...

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Can I deduct salaries paid to my helpers from my sole proprietor income?

I am "unemployed" but make money with blogging. I have 5 bloggers/writers who help me but are not formally employed by me. I pay them every month. If I earned R150,000 and paid them all 40% of my earnings, would I then only be taxed on the remaining 60% I keep? Am I considered a sole proprietor and am I responsible for formally hiring them? The money I make is earned via an overseas source, not South African.

Do I still need to file an ITR12?

As a provisional Taxpayer I have submitted Period 1 & 2 for IRP6 for 2016 but need to know if ITR12 should also be completed and also be submitted to SARS, please advise what this is for?

Due date for ITR12 2016?

What is the due date to submit my IRP5 to SARS for 2016, is it before 25 November 2016?

Does the ITR12 take into consideration provisional tax already paid for the same tax year.

I submitted my provisional income tax documents at the end of Feb 2016 for the tax year March2015-Feb2016 and made payment on the amount declared. I would now like to complete my ITR12 for this same year- how do I know that this form takes into account the amount that I have already paid for the earnings in this period? Is there a place where I need to fill that in? I do not want to pay tax on the same amount twice.

According to SARS criteria, I dont need to sumit ITR12. But do I still submit IRP6 twice yearly?

I'm a provisional taxpayer. According to recent communications from SARS, I no longer need to submit ITR12 any more as I match all their criteria. My question is: Do I still need to submit the IRP6 twice yearly?

Retirement annuity contributions, are they tax deductible for 2015 and 2016 years of assessment

I am self employed and run a business as a sole proprietor, can I deduct my retirement annuity contributions for tax purposes for 2015 and 2016 years of assessment

Do I submit one tax return or two?

I received a final salary payment in March 2016 (where PAYE etc was deducted) and the same month began earning income as an independent contractor from a variety of clients. When I submit my first provisional tax return in 2016, do I include the March 2016 Salary payment I received, or do I submit a separate income tax return in 2017 for that income?

Treatment of a provident fund lump sum payout in a provisional tax return (IRP6)

If one is not of retirement age and receives a provident fund lump sum payout in the 2015/16 tax year - net amount after tax is deducted - how is this amount treated in a provisional tax return (IRP6) i.e.
- Is the amount included in a provisional tax return (IRP6)?
The IRP6 provisional tax return only has one block to enter taxable income in. If the provident fund payout is included in the taxable income block (with other taxable income) tax will be calculated on the full amount at t...

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Is TaxTim costs tax deductable?

Is the price I pay for TaxTim for a single assessment or is it renewable yearly? Secondly, can I claim the price back as a deduction, as I would if I used a tax consultant (whose fees are deductable)?

Is there a limit on refreshments for a sole proprietor?

What am I allowed to deduct as a sole proprietor for refreshments? Is there a limit per day or per month I can deduct for lunches, breakfast and dinner?

Provisional Tax on capital gain

Have just sold a property and have made a large capital gain and will have to pay tax on this in 2017 tax return, will I need to include more funds to Provisional tax or can I wait till I get my 2017 assessment, and so get interest.

How to deregister for provisional tax

Hi Tax Tim, I used you guys last year, was very happy and want to make use of your service again this year, this year I need some assistance to deregister myself as a provisional tax payer as I'm not one, can u guys help?

How can I pay tax ovr to SARS for my investment income?

I would like to know how do I pay my tax when I receive mi IT3B CERTIFICATE am I suposse to register as a PROVISIONAL TAXPAYER how do igo about doing this it is my first time and is it possible to register as a PROVISIONAL TAXPAYER on EFILLING if so please provide me with steps how to do so.

How do I calculate provisional tax and when/where do I pay it?

I am a freelance writer and my income depends solely upon jobs that I get from international clients. I get paid weekly in dollar and my income fluctuates. Recently I've started earning more and I suspect I might be in a tax bracket. As far as I know I have to pay provisional tax but how do I work it out and where and when do I pay it?

Need help getting my tax affairs up to date

I have been running my own business for the since April 2013 and I haven't paid tax. Only had one constant customer. Will you be able to help me or should I go to a SARS office

Fringe benefits for sale proprietors?

Does a Sole trader who uses his vehicle for personal and business use have to pay a fringe benefit tax himself as he is not classified as an employee.

Is it necessary to inform SARS of additional income received?

Hi TaxTim

I am a full time salaried employee but I also sometimes get tutoring jobs and I run a lift club. Will I need to declare what I earn for the latter 2 items?

Is all income taxable together?

If I earn a salary and then also bring in extra monies for side jobs, do I add up all the money I earn and then calculate how much tax to pay or do I keep the two amounts separate. So I pay PAYE on the salary and then work the percentage of tax separately for yhe monies. Please clarify this for me. Thank you

Can I be considered an independent consultant?

I am currently an independent consultant, however at the moment 80% of my income does come from a single client. This is because I have not yet found more clients. I am not sure if I am to be treated as an employee based on what I have found out so far. I would strongly prefer (for client and me) to be treated as an independent consultant for tax purposes. Can I register for provisional tax as an independent consultant?

Some more information:
- I'm on retainer with one client for an average of 2 days per week (16 hours per week) since March 2016. - I bill monthly as a sole prop, highlighting the work I have completed and invoice a set amount as per the retainer agreement...

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Ho often does one submit the IRP6?

How often does (and when) provisional tax need to be submitted? I thought it was once every 6 months, but the SARS date list says it has to be submitted every month.

Does capital gain require registration as provisional taxpayer?

If I make a capital gain do I need to register as a provisional taxpayer?

Will SARS penalise me for outstanding tax returns?

I'm not sure if I disappeared under the radar for some time now due to generating my own income for years barely surviving and then going bank. At that stage I was a provisional tax payer. Years down the line I did contract work making ends meat. I eventually got a secure job since 2013 - probably not earning enough to register as a tax payer in order to submit tax returns? However I think this might be a different scenario now.
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