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If I can only submit a medical certificate without slips when they audit you?

If I cannot provide all the slips of my medical contributions only the medical certificate what is going to happen?

The amount was wrong of the medical contribution how can I reverse it or make it right?

My friend's eFiling was completed and she is the main member of her medical scheme with 2 children also on her medical aid. She made a mistake putting the amount in that she pay for the contributions for her medical. It was suppose to be R1 750-00 and I put R17 500-00 I submitt it and then I saw the error, is there any way that she can reverse it?

I owe SARS R0.02 and medical aid didn't pay R1200 can I re-assessed

I submitted tax and got notification I have amount due for me to pay and I have R 1200 medical aid amount not paid by scheme?

Medical credits incorrect on IRP5?

Can you please assist me. I have noticed that my medical tax credits on my IRP5 is incorrect. What would the reason be for the different amount on my IRP5? Can I change it to the correct amount according to the number of dependents including me on my medical aid certificate? I am sure if I change it SARS will them audit me, which will be fine as I can provide the medical aid certificate stating the number of dependents.

As an individual and not a company. How many years must I retain my returns and supporting documents

As an individual and not a company. How many years must I retain my returns, medical aid certificates etc.?
Straight forward no expenses.

May I claim for paying my wife's medical aid?

I pay my wife's medical aid each month. I transfer the funds to her savings account and the medical aid deducts the premium from her account via debit order. May I claim for these payments on my tax return?

Changing a tax return already filed

I did not make a claim for medical expenses on my 2013 income tax return which I filed a year ago. I have now discovered that I could have claimed a deduction for medical expenses in excess of 7.5% of my taxable income. Can I change a tax return that has already been submitted to SARS, and if so, how do I do this on eFiling and how is this likely to be viewed by SARS?

Original Amount still owed to SARS after re- submission with medical costs paid

I want some clarification as I am confused after having spoken to SARS today. I queried the amount they say I owe for my 2013 Tax return. Which I submitted in 2013 and then requested a correction now in July as I had not put in medical aid expenses I paid on my own and the number of members for my medical aid was stated as 1 instead of 2. When I submitted the frst one in 2013 I owed them about R3100- nw after the correction and it been audited they owed me R2700....what surprises me is that th...

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Do I put out-of-pocket medical expenses under 4020 AND/OR 4040 ? I do not belong to a medical aid

I do not belong to a medical aid and was wondering do I put my out-of-pocket medical expenses under source code 4020 or 4040 ? Because the 4040 code is compulsory if you say yes to " did you incur any medical expenses" and in the other questions you say that it must be put in 4020 ? So must 0 be written under 4040 ?

i have my documents,i want to claim my tax,what do I do now?

I have got my IRP5 and my medical aid certificate, what do I do now?


After submitting my return this year, I was requested to submit the supporting documents
My Original assessment state: -8076.00 (2 Adults and one child for 10 months and 2 Adults and 2 children for 2 months)
I received the completion letter one week after the completion letter with "no change was made on your assessment".
After 2 weeks from the date I received the completion letter, I received another request to submit supporting documents.
The additional assessment state: 8076.00 Final amount:0 With the reason...

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What about my out of pocket medical expenses?

Last tax year I paid almost R5000 in medical bills that medical aid did not cover?

when I did my return online I got nothimng back

how come

Does SARS verify medical information with the medical schemes?

I submitted my return on the 3rd July 2014, and still have not received my refund, I was requested to submit supporting docs which I did, I even went to the branch to submit the documents on the 11th July 2014, every time I call their call center i'm being told its still being assessed? why so long? I have medical aid, do they actually call the medical schemes to verify information with them or what?

Can my wife claim medical expenses that we pay jointly on her return alone?

Both my wife and I are employed taxpayers. Her gross salary is in the order of 24000/month and mine is in the order of 34000/month as of January 1st of next year (it's slightly less at the moment). Our medical aid payment is about R1900/month. Last year, I didn't get any benefit for this on my tax return, since the total contributions were less than 7.5% of my salary. Is it legal and acceptable for me to stop claiming any medical expenses on my tax return, and having her claim it all on hers? If...

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Please give an example how to calculate the medical rebates?

Tim,I am a Mathematical Literacy teacher and we do tax calculations. Is it possible to give an example how to calculate the medical rebates?

Why does employer put the same amount on code 4005, 4474 and 3810 yet I contribute 100% to own med?

Why would an employer put the same amount on code 4005, 4474 and 3810 yet I contribute 100% to own my medical aid? The deductions are directly subtracted from my CTC and the company contributes 0% and therefore I don't have any fringe benefit.

Can we claim if we pay for our uniforms?

We are wearing uniforms at the medical practice where I work and we are spending money on this monthly can we claim from SARS for this?



Are ex company 50% share of med subs taxable in hands of retiree of over 70?


How do I know the stuff that I have is tax free or is taxable?

If I purchase products do I get tax deduction?

Reducing PAYE each month when paid by my employer?

I receive a gross amount of R7000 a month from my employer.
Privately I pay medical aid and money to a Retirement annuity.

If I submit proof of this to my employer, can he reduce PAYE payments/deductions from my salary, taking into account these allowable deductions.

If my employer can do this does it then exclude me from having to file a tax return.

How to claim for medical aid that I pay 100% for as a sole member?

I need help with my SARS claim regarding medical aid. I contribute 100% to the medical aid and I am the only member. I also contribute a pre-funding amount towards medical aid for the company for the purpose of retirement discount. How do I claim for my medical aid and what details and amount do I add?

Unemployed, still claim for medical aid and RA ?

Hi TimI have been unemployed this year so have had no income, but have still paid monthly for my medical aid (me and my daughter) and for my RA. Would I be able to claim any tax rebate/refund for the medical aid or RA ?? Thanks Canz

Claim from SARS (tax rebate) for prescription spectacles. not on medical aid?

Got prescription spectacles from Spec savers. Not on medical aid. Have the account plus receipts. Can I claim on my tax return?

Medical contribution for pensioner

My siblings and I transfer funds to my mum's bank account monthly to contribute to a Discovery executive medical aid plan which is more than R4000/month; she is the main member. My mum gets a state pension fund which she lives on. She obviously will not submit a tax return. Now, can I claim the portion that I transfer to her account on my tax return. I have a EFT going out monthly from my account.

She is not fully dependent on me but obviously cannot afford a medical aid with a state ...

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