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deposit into my bank a/c for someone else

I am a provisional taxpayer, I have a son that does not have a bank account and his salary gets deposited into my bank account. Will this affect me in any way or should he get his own bank account?

If I register for turnover tax would I still need to register for personal income tax?

I am starting a retail store business, selling hand-made products. This business will be run as a sole proprietorship and the premises for the store will be leased from the property owner.
I have never registered for income tax (personal or company) before.
I forecast turnover of about R300,000 per year and am considering registering for SARS turnover tax.
If I do register for the turnover tax would I still need to register for personal income tax? I have set up a separate busin...

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Do sole proprietors charge VAT if their turnover is less than a R1 million per annum?

Do I charge VAT as a Sole Proprietor earning less than R1 million turnover per annum? If so, do I need to be VAT registered?

I classified myself incorrectly

I clicked on provisional taxpayer by mistake and I can't find a way to undo. How do I start the process afresh?

I need to know what type of tax return I should do and why?

I need to do my income tax returns but I am unsure weather I should do provisional Tax returns IRP6 or ITR12. I am Member and Director in multiple companies and CC's. I however only received income from 1 company in the form of a salary and then rent that I receive from 1 house that I own in my personal name.

I do not receive any other income from the various companies.

What is the tax liability of past sole proprietor?

I'm looking at buying a business that is owned through sole proprietor.

If I buy and become the sole proprietor who would be liable for any tax issues once I own it for the past?

Would it be me or the owner before?

Can a person pay both employees tax and provisional tax?

Can you pay both provisional tax and employees tax if you are a salaried employee who also has his own small business?

How do I work out my taxable income from my salary slip?

I started earning extra wages outside of my salary in February 2013 and so I have registered for provisional tax. On my IRP6 I need to fill in my gross turnover(which I understand to be my gross salary other income including my rental earnings, wages earned and interest on investments) and then my estimated taxable income (which I understand to be my gross turnover minus my costs, retirement annuity contributions and my pension contributions). How do I work out the taxable portion of my salary ...

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I am confused about how to submit provisional tax returns.

I want to submit the provisional tax returns?

Must I submit if I work from home?

Do I have to submit a tax return if I work from home and earn 10,000-15,000 per month?

Tax on money from PayPal?

Hi Tim
I'm a Freelance Artist, by profession, I mainly get paid through PayPal as most of my client/commissioners are overseas. I bring in on an average month between R8000-R9000. FNB charges a small fee and VAT get's charged on the money I get.
I wondering about how I pay the tax on this money and how much I am expected to pay.

Closing date for submission of IRP5 2013

When is the closing date for submitting IRP5 forms?

Not sure how to pay tax on freelance incoming

For previous tax years, I've always only had my salary as income.

Since January, I've been freelancing and have been receiving payments on a monthly basis.

When should I register as a provisional tax payer? How much do I have to contribute before next tax season? Can I do everything I need to do on SARS efiling?

When do I pay sars after submitting provisional tax?

After submitting my provisional tax, when do I need to pay it? Does SARS send me a bill?

Are s6A medical rebates deductible from your provisional tax payable?

When calculating your provisional payment, does s6A medical scheme credit qualify as a deduction from the final tax amount? i.e. can you deduct the primary-tertiary rebates as well as the medical?

Private practice queries

I've started my own private practice
I was employed before that and was a registered "normal" tax payer and did my e-filing chop chop easy. I'd like to continue doing my own e-filing:

Do I have to register now as a different tax payer now that I'm working for myself?
And must I complete the form where it asks for my own income and will it automatically update then and ask if I had other expenses?

And what all can I keep as "business" expenses? (I rent an office and pay a receptionist as well)...

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There is nowhere to list my deductions as a self employed business owner

I am filling out the tax return and despite having said Yes to being a provisional tax payer it is asking me questions relevant only to an employee, such as do I have a company car etc and keeps referring to my IRP5, which obviously I don't have, being self employed.

Has something gone wrong, am I filling in the wrong form? Where do I list my deductions, of which there are many?

Personal Service Provider

Hi Tim

1. I am starting a company and it will be a Personal service Provider. I know tax has to be withheld at 28% by my client. What I don't understand is whether the 28% is a flat rate or does the tax payable get recalculated when I submit my ITR12?

Say I earn 20000 a month X 28 % tax = 5600 . Tax payed for the year = R 67200.
However if I was taxed as a regular employee my tax would have been = R 37,359.75

Will SARS pay me back the difference?

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Incorporated versus sole prop for a new business

Hi Tim. I am about to embark on a new venture and start up my own business. We are bound by various rules and regulations as per the HPCSA and are only able to practice in an incorporated or solus practice. I am feeling very unsure as to which is the best option tax wise? The gross monthly income of the practice is expected to start off at and vary between R30 000 and R50 000 per month. I will not have any partners or permanent employees. I work from home 50% of the time and am onsite (travellin...

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Working from SA, being paid in UK

Living and Working in South Africa remotely to UK (IT).

Hi Tim

I lived in UK for 5 years and returned to SA in 2010. I have dual nationality (German and South African).

I have been working in SA for a local company since 2010 earning rands. I have now been approached by my previous employer in UK to work for them again remotely from SA.

If I am paid by them in pounds into my UK bank account where will I pay tax and will have have to bring in all my earnings to SA or can I only bring in what I need?...

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I can't log in to SARS eFiling. Have lost my register details.

How do I 're-register' as a provisional taxpayer online? My attempts to do so keep failing.

Which tax year do provisional tax payers use in August 2013 and how do they find out current values?

As a provisional tax payer, surely one pays tax at the end of August 2013 on the basis of what has been earned from March 2013 to end August 2013 and this would be for the 2014 tax year. I also have difficulty finding out current It3 (c) values.

Oops - I under estimated first provisional tax payment what now?

Hi Tim

I just filed and paid my IRP6 for the first payment just to realize that I might have under-estimated. Do I need to ask for a correction or can I rectify it with my second payment? Will there be any penalties?

Please let me know

How would I calculate my business provisional? I need to pay the first 6 months

How would I calculate my business provisional, I need to pay the first 6 months on Friday 30 August.

Hourly rate "net of tax". What does this mean?

I am starting a new position with a multi-national US based company, and my letter of appointment lists my hourly rate as "net of tax". I am not sure what this means, and was hoping you would be able to shed some light. How are my tax implications affected? Do I need to register for provisional tax?
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