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What do I do with the additional amount I pay in medical for my mother?

If my husband pay medical aid for his mother monthly which is dependent on him can he claim from tax?

Can I claim for travelling for a disabled person to and from college?

I have a daughter who is deaf she has finished Matric at a school for the deaf she now attends a normal colledge because there are no specialised colledges for deaf students.

I understand that I cannot claim for her fees because it is a College however I did put in a claim in 2014 for travelling because she cannot use public transport to commute to college because of her lack of communication and hearing, but my claim was rejected.

I see the tax act uses the word Specialised School but makes no mention for college or university ...

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Does being blind in one eye qualify for medical disability tax credit?

Hi My wife is 90% blind in one eye due to an injury she sustained during her childhood and suffers from Glaucoma. Does she qualify for disability tax credit?

Do I automatically become a tax paying SA citizen because I registered with SARS & renewed my ID Doc

I was born in SA 75 years ago. 1995 I became a US citizen. 2006 I opened a NON-RESIDENT ACCT with FNB CT and bought a flat. 2013 I renewed my ID Doc to do a 12 week job in CT and registered with SARS. My NON-RESIDENT ACCT changed to RESIDENT ACCT. 2013 I retired to CT for 9 months & in 2014 for 8 months, but annual visits before then were only 6 to 8 weeks. Do I automatically become a SA citizen for tax purposes because I registered with SARS and renewed my ID Doc? Does not my history...

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Would I qualify for a Tax Refund if I earn R7000 a month before deductions?

I currently earn a salary of R7000 p.m before deductions. R199.50 is deducted every month for PAYE Tax and R70.00 for UIF.

Do I need to fill in a Tax Return form and would I qualify for any refund. I do not have any Medical Aid or Pension Fund,etc.

I'm not very clued up on all these things.

Your help would be greatly appreciated:-)

Is Income Tax calculated on : Gross Salary + Medical Aid

Is it normal practice to calculate Income Tax on Gross Salary + Company Medical Aid Benefits?

If I earned only 55.000 Rand for the whole year through freelance activities, will I have to pay tax

I understand that the tax threshold in 2014 is 70700 Rand. In the financial year 2013/2014 I have earned only 55.000 Rand through freelance activities with different companies (I am a student). So my question is, will I have to try to bring the taxable income even more down (e.g. through claiming business expenses, medical expenses etc.) or do I need not bother as I am anyway below the threshold?

I would like to know if I have to pay tax even if I am not yet permanent employee?

I would like to know if I have to pay tax even if I am not yet permanently employed and if I am using my partners medical aid do I also have to submit the medical tax certificate?

Should I fill in a tax return if I am studying full time this year without income?

For the past 5 years I worked full time and filled in a tax form each year.

Since this year I am studying a full time Masters. I don't receive any income, I pay my studies (without bursary) and I also pay my medical insurance each month.

Should I fill in a tax return form this year?

Are dependants on someone else's medical aid allowed to claim out of pocket medical expenses?

Are dependents, on someone else's medical aid, allowed to claim out of pocket medical expenses from SARS, because the medical aid was depleted early in the year?

Newbie at efiling and not sure what all status, ITSA and ITA34 meaning are. Have I been audited?

Hi There,

I just filled by 2014 tax returned through eFiling and got an email from SARS stating I have a notification that needs by attention. This was regarding my 2012 tax return and it still needed to be submitted. I submitted it soon as possible. I received three emails from SARS, the first one stating that statement of account as been issued, ITSA for the period of 2012 - 2014 and the other two emails stating I have a ITA34 notice for 2014 and 2012. I opened these notifications and the only thing stated was the period and - amount...

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Unemployed but paying medical aid contributions. Tax implications?

Hi Tim. I worked for 2 months in the 2014 YOA. I then left work upon the birth of my child. I am the principal member of our family's medical aid (myself, husband and child) and the contributions are paid from my bank account. Since I left work, my husband transfers money into my bank account for the payment of the medical aid. Do I claim this on my tax return even though I am not employed? Should my husband claim it even if the policy is not in his name? I did have income this year so if I clai...

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Received a verification email from SARS - what does it mean?

I have received a statement of account but I have been selected for verification, how long does this process take?
i submitted supporting documents on the day my tax was submitted via e filing.

it is a rather simple return though as its only my salary and medical aid contributions that come into play.

Do I qualify for medical tax credit?

My medical aid contribution is R3500 each month for my husband and I. I filled this in next to source code 4040 on the eFiling form but when I save and ask to ' calculate tax' then the source code 4008 medical expenses (total) shows 0.... How does this work, am I doing something wrong or do I not qualify for the medical tax credit??

Is diabetes considered a handicap for medical deductions?

Is diabetes considered a handicap for medical deductions?

Medical expenses for spouse

Regarding medical expenses. I'm the primary member and pay for the medical aid and so I put the relevant info and dependents on my return. My wife encountered some individual medical expenses of her own (not claimed from medical aid).
1. Can she put her expenses in her own return under code 4020?
2. What if I paid some of the accounts on her behalf - does it matter?

Can my wife claim our expenses out of pocket, if the medical aid is in my name?

Good day

Thank for a great site.
I am a public servant and belong to a medical aid. Me and my work contribute to my medical aid on which my wife and children is dependents. My tax certificate from my medical aid is in my name and shows an amount paid out of pocked not paid by medical aid. May my wife claim this amount on her tax return? She earns less than me and will most probably fall over the 7.5%, which means that she will get some of our expenses back?

Most of the...

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May I claim ADHD medication and part time university fees on my tax return?

Good day Tim

I am not very clued up when it comes to tax affairs.

A brief background. I am employed and and fall into the higher tax brackets if that assists in any way.

My question is :

May I claim my Adhd medication on my tax return, it is approximately R 620.00 a month.

Secondly May I claim my part time university fees on my tax return. This is approximately R18 000.00 a year.

Your response will be greatly appreciated.

Will my tax still be paid out?

Once my tax was submitted and I've been told by SARS I will be paid out by the 19/09/2014 and they call me to tell me I need to have a medical certificate which I don't have will my tax be paid out if I ignore it or what will happen?

Second IT34 says amount payable by you. Do I owe them or not?

After a audit the amount that was owed to me, that had a negative, now shows that that same amount is payable by me. Almost had a heart attack. But when I read on. It says that my acc is 0.00. I don't understand why I owe them. I only claimed my cash medical payments. And been paying my tax as I should. How can I owe them. First ITA34 shows -9690.00. Second ITA34 shows 9690 payable by you. I don't have this kind of money. I think something went wrong. If they say 0.00 account in the second parag...

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Compiling supporting documents for medical expenses not covered by medical aid scheme

I have been asked to submit supporting documents by SARS for verification purposes and I was wondering what the requirement is with regards supporting documents for medical expenses not covered by my medical aid scheme?

On my Income tax certificate from Discovery there are two numbers given. Firstly one number for Contributions during the period and secondly a number for 'Claims not recovered from the Scheme'. I duly included these under the requisite sections when completing my tax return. ...

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Members share of claims paid on the medical aid certificate be included in qualifying expenditure?

Should the members share of claims paid on the medical aid certificate be included in qualifying expenditure?

Can both employer & employee med aid contribution be used in calculating Add Medical tax credit

I need to calculate the Additional Medical Expenses Tax credit to be included onto my Provisional Tax Form IRP6 for 01-2015. Half of my medical Contribution is paid by my employer directly to the medical aid and I pay the other half. Must I use both be added together to include in the calculation? Furthermore I have no excess medical fees/expenses. Another problem is that my 7.5% of my taxable income is greater then the medical value subtotal. This results in a negative value for the Addit...

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Check suitability of Tax-Tim format for specific taxpayer

Please let me know if Tax-Tim Smart deals with 1. ...share portfolios and resultant dividend tax and CGT2. ... portion of medical aid contribution paid by ex-employer, in case of retired person3. ...with state pension received from foreign country

Calculated result for out of pocket medical costs?

I am getting a 0.00 result when making nmy calculation but had a 21000, unpaid medical costs
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