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When am I allowed to claim for my business traveling?

If I am an individual working for an employer through a contracting house, can I claim a travel expense for the distance traveled to a client? Do I need the contracting house need to include a specific travel allowance item on my payslip?

Are expenses on my primary residence for improvement and renovation tax deductible?

Are expenses on my primary residence for improvement and renovation tax deductible?

Can I submit old returns with TaxTim's help?

Is there any way to fill in tax returns from 2011-2015? I have been able to successfully file for the 2016 tax period. For the period from 2011 to 2015 as was a salaried employee and had no other additional income. My income tax over the period was fully paid as my employer was responsible for paying this directly to SARS. Is it possible to file for previous years? Are there likely to be any penalties, and are is still possible to claim for previous deductions such as pension fund contributions ...

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Property insurance on holiday rental property, can I claim it back from SARS?

Does insurance include building and content if it is a holiday home?

Professional/ Registration and Medical insurance paid, can I claim this back from SARS?

I would like to know where do I add in my Professional fees paid to the HPCSA and MPS, then also educational courses done and paid for.

Refund paid into closed account, how can I get it paid out again?

I have submitted my tax return a few weeks ago, but unfortunately did not update my banking details and refund went into the closed account. I've since updated my banking details at the SARS offices, but when I've contacted the call centre, I was told there's a stop on the refund, that I have to go back to the offices to lift the stop. I have done that, I would like know, how long does the whole process normally takes?

Can I apply the 183 rule to my income?

I worked in RSA as a full time employee from 1 March 2015 until 30 September 2015. During this time, I earned R660 000. During this time, I was out of the country for 60 days, for business. From 1 October 2015 to 29 February 2016, I worked in the UK as a full time employee of a UK organisation. During this time, I earned R600 000 (in GBP). During this time, I was out of the country for 126 days.

During the full tax year, I spent 186 days outside of South Africa, of which 60 were consecutive, which means that I qualify for the exempt income provision (sec10(1)(o)(ii))...

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When do I declare and deduct maintenance and upgrade to my rental property to SARS?

How can I derive maximum benefit from maintenance and upgrades that I have made to a rental property? Can I declare the expense for the current tax year and also declare it for Capital Gains Tax purposes when I sell the property? Is there another way in which I can benefit from this expense?

Multiple small revenue streams - consolidate expenses across all? (Sole prop)

I have multiple small revenue streams, some with expenses attached to them. Do I ringfence each income/expense area, or do I consolidate them which would enable 'cross-subsidisation' of expenses?

How do I calculate the depreciation on my office equipment?

I have completed my 2016 tax return via TaxTim. On the depreciation of office equipment I indicated that I am depreciating my laptop which was bought for R20 000. The amount I came up with was R3 333. 33. SARS requires me to indicate to them how I got to the figure. Can you please assist so I can explain myself to SARS?

Is proceeds from a trust taxable in the hands of the trustee?

My Grandfather left a family beach house in a trust for the family to use. Over the years it was not used anymore so it was sold and each person in the trust got R10000 00 and then the trust was dissolved. I want to know will I pay tax on this and can you help should I register?

Must I declare a Tax Free Savings Contribution to my Child's Tax Free Savings Account?

Must I declare a Tax Free Savings Contribution to my Child's Tax Free Savings Account?

Can I claim this unpaid loan as a capital loss?

I made a loan of R25 000 to a family member, which I will not be able to recover. I understand that I cannot claim this as a bad debt. Can I claim this unpaid loan as a capital loss and would there be any effect in terms of reducing my taxable amount?

Medical Aid contributions, am I due a refund?

I am on the Government Medical Aid Fund (GEMS). My employer contributes a portion and I contribute as well. Both amounts go directly off my salary as a lump sum monthly. How does this affect my tax refund?

Am I due to pay CGT on my rental income?

If my rental income are paid directly into my bond account, do I have to pay Capital Gains Tax on it?

Can I stil register with TaxTim?

I have already completed the tax return but only saved it, not submitted assessment, can I still register with you and you help me?

Do I have to file a return for a dormant company?

I registered a company in April 2016 but have not earned an income yet, do I need to submit a return even if there was no income?

Can one change banking details on eFiling?

Can one change a business banking details online instead of having to go the nearest SARS Branch as stated in a message sent to me from SARS?

Can I get a UK CGT credit against SA CGT?

If I am resident in SA but sell a UK property I will have to pay UK CGT, but as this isn't income tax, will I get a credit for the UK CGT paid against the SA income tax due on the gain?

Can a landlord claim travel expenses in relation to the rental income?

If the landlord has driven from JHB to CT, for example, primarily to effect repairs & maintenance on their rental property between tenants, as well as to meet with prospective letting agents for future employment, can they claim the petrol for this trip? (Approx. Two thirds of this time was spent on rental-related activities, showing the apartment etc, & one third of the time was recreational). If a deduction is possible, what proof does SARS require? Thanks very much.

Freelance & Full time job tax submission, can I complete this on one form?

I have a full time job, but do freelance on the side. I would like to submit for my job as well as my freelance, including the mac I bought, my Fiber line rental and anything I purchased to run my freelance job. Is this possible? Which option should I apply for?

How can I change my email address on TAxTim?

I am registered TaxTim user, is it possible for me to change my email address?

Are retrospective changes to an IRP5 possible with SARS?

I am an independent contractor and do consulting work for a number of companies at any given time. When the one company submitted the 2016 IRP5 they erroneously categorized my source code as 3601, instead of 3616 for independent contractors, hence I cannot claim costs. I have asked them to amend the IRP5 but they say they cannot because they have finished their tax recon and signed off on 2016 and can no longer make changes. Is this true? What alternatives do I have?

SARS ring-fenced the loss on my rental property, can I request that they revise my assessment?

I had a property that I rented out to tenants for the last 4 years. In the 2015/16 tax year, I made a loss on this, due to the expenses exceeding the rental income I received. I reflected this loss in my tax return. SARS then audited my tax return, and they ring-fenced the loss. However, at the end of the 2015/16 tax year, I sold the property, and have obviously not been receiving rent or incurring expenses relating to the property since then. What now happens to the ring-fenced amount? Am I entitled to ask SARS to re-assess given the circumstances? Or do I just accept it as a loss?...

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Where do I enter source code 4006 info?

Where do I enter source code 4006 info? It's on my RA Contribution Certifcate from Liberty Life. It's a monthly debit order from my bank account.
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