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Statement of Account

Received statement of account and it shows R0 indicating that an electronic refund is made 24\01\2017. Will I get paid on that date? Audit now days NO?!

Change of details after been audited

I have submitted my return and my medical aid which I pay for my wife and child was disallowed. After carefully looking into the notes I found that I had incorrectly stated on my IRP that I am married out of community of property instead of in community of property. Please can you advise me on how to change this as I have already been audited and I cannot request a correction?

How do I know if I have a tax number?

Who can I email for my business tax number, as I registered the company in 2014 but dont have my tax number?

Claim for nursing home?

I pay the nursing home my old aged father stays at, can I claim this expense on my return as he is my dependent on my medical aid?

Can I claim full depreciation on a broken cellphone?

I had a cellphone that I was calculating depreciation on. However the phone broke and I now have a new phone which I will claim depreciation on. For the previous phone, am I able to claim the remaining deprecation amount (that I would have been claiming on in coming years) in the current tax year?

Import VAT claim

I have just registered my pty Ltd this January 2017 and I need know what tax should I collect for SARS when invoice clients for the products I will be selling. When I registered my company at CIPC I received a doc from SARS for the company named income tax., do I use this when invoicing on the place of VAT is this the inc Me tax I should collect for SARS from clients? Thanks

Can I still submit old returns for a company?

If a company has not submitted a tax return since 2012, should it go online and submit returns or apply for voluntary disclosure?

Can I claim back the tax I pay on my travel allowance?

I have a code 3701 on my IRP5, can you tell me how the tax is calculated on the amount please?

Can a contract worker claim tax back on a home office?

I am a contract worker earning an hourly rate. My income differs each month depending on the hours worked. I work from a home office. What is considered to be deductible expenses?

Tax on allowance from ex husband?

Where do I declare the monthly payments my ex husband sends to me?

Can I claim for all 3 vehicles I used on my tax return?

I've changed cars during the tax year, how should I handle my travel allowance calculations and log book?
1) How would I should I go about maintain my log book? should I keep a different one for each vehicle. 2) I have also leased a vehicle whilst waiting for my new vehicle, how should this be recorded?
3) How should I cater for my new Vehicle in my tax return if the new vehicle cost is greater than my old vehicle?

Do I still need to file a provisional tax return if I am now a turnover tax payer?

Before I registered for turnover tax, I was registered for Provisional tax. Do I still need to file a provisional tax return if I am now a turnover tax payer?

I need more information on the service you offer for company returns.

I am a small PTY and would like to know how much you charge for tax returns and if you can provide audited financials too. If so, how much do you charge?

2016 audit and provisional return, does this delay my refund?

SARS is busy auditing my 2016 return, if I only submit my IRP6 for 201702 at the end of February 2017 will this delay my refund for 2016 being paid out?

Medical problems

I forgot to claim my medical expense I had in 2015, can I just add this to my2016 medical expenses?

I don't know what is s12e, can you help please?

I don't know what is s12e

This query relates to question 4862 "Please enter the S12E accelerated depreciation allowance which the company can claim. Use our handy SBC calculator to help with your workings." in the Income statement section.

Is my 32 day call account treated as a Tax Free Savings Account?

Is my 32 day call account treated as a Tax Free Savings Account?

This query relates to question 4642 "Did you pay into a Tax Free Savings Account during the %season% tax year?" in the Tax Free Savings section.

Can you tell me how much tax I'll pay please?

How much is my PAYE if am earning R7600 per month?

Tax on commission only

Can you tell me how tax on my commission is calculated please?

Pension contribution can I claim for it?

If I contribute towards a pension fund via my employer, can I get a tax deduction for it?

How is income taxed on a shared property?

My wife and I have a property registered in both of our names that we would like to rent out. Will this income be taxed in both of our names (i. E. 50% to each of us) even if the actual income is only deposited into my bank account?

Can I register for more than one return type?

I am self employed and was wondering if I can use your service for my annual return and provisional tax return?

IRP5 not submitted by employer

if my employer did not submit their reconciliation, can SARS keep employees liable for this and issues penalties?

Do I become a provisional tax payer once I am permanently employed?

I recently accepted an offer to be permanently employed at the same company I was contracting at initially, do I now became a provisional tax payer as I paid employees tax before?

Tax refund on a bonus

I received a sign on bonus in the year 2017 provided I do not leave in 3 years. Now I am leaving the company in 6 months and paying it back. I will be leaving in the next tax year. How do I claim back the tax on the amount
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