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Unemployed for the tax year 2014/2015 and paid medical aid contributions but no refund received.

Dear Tim

I was unemployed for the tax period 2014/2015 and received 0 income. I however paid my monthly medical for my spouse and one adult dependent which totaled R62,064.00 and unclaimed from the medical aid of R2,874.00.

I completed my tax return with the medical aid section, unfortunately did not receive a refund. The calculation on SARS eFiling allowed for an amount of R16,200.00 plus tax credits of R8,232.00 and further tax credits of R8,002.00 but the final total was R0.00....

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How to prepare statement of personal assets and liabilities for SARS tax return form.

How do I create/make a personal statement of assets and liabilities for a member of cc or a director. I am told this should indicate all income received by the person and shares, unit trust and other holding he/she may have. As well as all expenses made by the individual RA's Medical Aid and so on.

Tax credits versus medical expenses

Please tell me can you still claim your out of pocket expenses that is not covered by medical aid or hospital plan. Do you have to add them all together and then work out the credit?

Audit processes delay

I submitted my tax returns for the new tax year on the 2nd July. Simple, just my IRP5 and medical aid tax certicate. They asked for the supporting documents, done this on the 2nd.

The call centre agents are useless. When will I get paid my refund? The amount is -R8500. First time SARS owes me so much money ever. I filed my tax returns early and submitted the docs same time, now why the delay?

Claiming medical expenses for birth

I am confused and need assistance. I spent in the region of R50000 on medical expenses in September 2014 as my wife gave birth. I paid this all in cash as I am not on medical aid. Is there any way I can claim any of this back when I submit my tax return?

Can I claim university fees?

Hi. I'm currently a medical doctor who since 2012 have been working as a registrar in Family medicine through UCT. This in order to achieve a post graduate degree. I want to know if I could claim university fees and exam fees (or special courses like ACLS) on my tax return?

SARS Refund is a large amount of money. Why and how?


I just completed my tax return and my ITA34 (whatever it's called) showed an amount of R15 000 is refundable to me. Of course, SARS requested proof of documentation; I only uploaded my Retirement Tax Certificate and Medical Aid Tax Certificate - are there any other forms outstanding?

My question is: Why would I be (hopefully) receiving so much money? I started a new position (meaning higher salary and position upgrade) in September 2014 - could this have an impact?

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Never claimed for a tax refund before, is it possible to get refunds for every year since I worked?

I have never claimed for a tax refund ever since I started working, so I need clarity on whether I can claim for every year since I have been employed, I have all my IRP5's, and I'm not so sure if I will get a return on some of them. So I need to know if it is possible that I do not get a tax refund, I pay medical aid, UIF, Provident fund etc. I am actually afraid that I will pay you guys and not get anything in return. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thank You.

I pay the medical aid premiums but my wife is the main member, can I deduct it from my tax return?

The medical aid is in my wife's name but the debit orders come off my account, so as every year I claim it on my tax return, this year it hasn't been allowed. What has changed at SARS?

Can I claim a refund from SARS for cash I paid at a dentist?

I paid extra in cash for my Dental procedure to add on benefit funds left on my Medical Aid, do I need to submit cash receipts when I submit my Tax Return?

Monies paid out in tax year 2015/2016 being declared in the 2014/2015 tax year

I retired at the end of February 2015. My Medical Aid contribution was paid by my company for the tax year 1 March 2014 to 28 Feb 2015.
The company also paid for March, April and May 2015 and have added this amount onto my IRP 5 source code 3810 for the 2014/2015 tax year. Should these months value, which fall in the 2015/2016 tax year not be declared in the tax year they were paid?

Sequestration - how to submit details to two returns

I was sequestrated in June 2014 and applied for a new tax reference. How do I submit my medical aid and RA contributions as I have to tax returns to complete:

Supply the same information on both tax returns and SARS figures out the rest?
Or do I have to request new tax certificates and have the institutions split the contributions for each of the tax references / periods?

Medical Tax Credits Calculation

Hi Tim,

I earn R4500 a month and I pay R700 a month for medical aid for myself. How many medical tax credits will I receive? At the moment if I am correct it is R257 for the main member
which equals 257*12 = 3084. Would that be roughly what I would get? I have been told that I cannot get more than R700 as that is my monthly contribution.

Why am I being audited when all my income, deductions and benefits are reflected on my IRP5?

Hi Tim;

I recently completed and sent my tax return via SARS eFiling. I was selected for auditing and asked to provide supporting documents. I have nothing complicated going-on: I earn income only from my employer. All my benefits and deductions with respect to retirement fund and medical aid are all reflected on my IRP5 i.e. I don't have a personal retirement annuity or medical aid scheme outside of those in my salary package; as reflected on my IRP5. So what could be the problem?

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Tax on Breast Augmentation

Can I claim tax on breast augmentation done?

I have lost my eye in an mine accident . Am I I disabled or not?

I have lost my eye in an mine accident. Am I disabled or not?

My IRP5 seems to exclude some of my deductions - how will this affect my tax return?

Deductions for my medical and pension fund reflect on my monthly pay slip but not on my IRP5 - will this affect my tax return as these were not included?

Living overseas and claiming expenses

If I've emigrated but still receive my monthly annuity from pension / retirement fund can I claim for medical expenses paid for overseas, no medical aid in RSA any more, when submitting my annual tax return. Does tax paid on pension get much back?

SARS status "Return assessed" - what does this mean?

Hi, Please assist. I did my tax return on SARS eFiling on the 1st of July. Not chosen for validation or audit. I have not yet received the money although online it states that the SARS STATUS is return assessed. What does this mean?

I did phone the call centre and they did not say anything about being audited or submitting supporting documents they only advised to wait. Kindly assist.

Do I need to do tax return even if I earn less but still have medical aid?

I don't get deducted tax because of low income, but I have a medical aid.. And I was given employee tax certificate also. Do I need to do tax return also? Or is there no need since am not deducted tax..

Confused by 4005 codes different on IRP5 and IT3(b)


The 4005 code on the IRP5 is different from the IT3(b) from the medical aid. Should I have any amount in 4040?

4005 = R 61,550 , but the IT3(b) shows R 58,802
3810 = R 20,506
4474 = R 20,506
4020 = R 7,486

How do we send more than 20 attachments to SARS?

Hi Tim SARS requested supporting documents to be uploaded which is mostly from our medical aid and we have 26 and are not allowed to send more than 20. How do we upload more documents to SARS eFiling?

Medical tax credit if I am sponsoring my Mom's medical aid?

I am an employed person and have no trouble doing my tax return with SARS e-filing. What I would like to know is the following: Since October 2013 I have been paying my Mom's medical aid, she is a 70 year old pensioner (state pension grant) and not registered for tax. She is not on my medical aid as it is more affordable to have a separate medical aid for her.

This year she received a tax certificate from her medical aid. Is there any way in which I can claim for her medical aid cont...

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Am keen to know if I am due a refund or not. Earned R42,000.

If I earned only R42000 in 2013, having worked for only three months, and paid R6000 in tax, for that earning, over the whole year, is there a possibility I could get a tax refund based on the primary tax rebates and my medical spend of R1000?

What Medical expenses may I deduct?

I don't belong to a medical aid and paid for medical expenses out of my own pocket resulting in a substantial cost. How much of the expenditure can I deduct against my Income?
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