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Tax directives

I went from a permanent position to a consultancy contract position - Do I need a tax directive and what kind of tax directive ?

I need a new tax number

I need a new tax number as SARS says I cant use my old number to apply for a tax directive after I was declared insolvent, can you help me or tell me how I should go about this please?

Foreign tax on invoice

We charge a management fee for services rendered in Botswana. They withheld 10% how do we claim it back and can we claim any VAT on this invoice from outside in South Africa?

Payment of income tax on Fixed Deposit investments

If I dont receive the interest I earn as my investment is over a 36 month period, do I still have to declare the interest earned during the year?

Can I still submit a claim?

How can I check to see if I have unclaimed cash with SARS, I pay tax all my life and never claim anything, I'm working for an electrical company?

What deductions are allowable for a salaried employee who works from home?

I am a monthly salaried employee and my employer deducts PAYE. However, my salary is based on an hourly rate with no fixed base, i. E. No work, no pay, and varies from month-to-month. I work 100% from home and am responsible for all work-related expenses. Can I claim a percentage of my rates and taxes, electricity and telephone?

How much monies after tax?

I received a R9000 settlement from a CCMA dispute, can you tell me how much tax I should pay on it please?

Payment of income tax on rental income and interest earned.

I have some rental income that I would like to invest monthly in my fixed deposit. I know I must pay tax on both the rental income and the interest earned but when? I have to fill in a tax return twice yearly as a provisional tax payer. If the rental income and interest is fixed into the deposit account and I am not allowed to withdraw money, how would I go about paying the interest? Should I keep funds separate specifically for this in another account.

Deregister foor provisional tax

I am an estate agent and earn only commission income. I am registered for provisional tax, but my employer has now started to deduct PAYE from my commission. Can I now deregister for provisional tax?

TCC and tax number

How would I get a tax number and a tax clearance certificate. Please help?

Can I get my tax clearance certificate online

My tax clearance certificate has to be renewed soon, can I do it online, and how, Kindly assist.

SARS is asking again for supporting documentation, but I have already submitted it in December

I have submitted supporting documentation as requested by SARS in December already (22/12/2016). I have received another request for supporting documentation, but it seems to be for the same documents. Please help?

What are operational assets for a digital marketing company?

What are operational assets for a digital marketing company?

Tax on internship stipend

As an intern is my employer allowed to deduct tax from my stipend?

IRP6 completion

SARS says that my taxable income is an error, but I declared the income I earned for the year.They keep speaking about my previous year's income but I am no longer employed, how do I fix this?

Lump sum on IRP6

Am I supposed to include my pension lump sum on my IRP6?
Also, how should this income be reflected on the annual income tax return?

Return submission for tax year 2016

My company has a December year end. Do I submit my Dec 2016 financials for the 2016 or 2017 tax year?

Source code for renting out camera gear

Looking for the source code for a sole proprietor renting out camera gear, I am trying to apply for turnover tax and the form I'm filling in is asking for a source code?

No IRP6 forms or history on my SARS profile

TaxTim helped me fill in my provisional tax return last week but I am not able to actually put in my Provisional Tax information as SARS is not showing my IRP6 tax return for 201702, can you tell

Old returns outstanding

I have not submitted a tax return since 2007 as I was under the impression that someone else was doing it for me. How do I go about submitting tax returns from 2007 up to 2017 (10 or 11 years). Will you be able to do this for me?

When do I need to apply for a tax directive?

When do you need to apply for a tax directive? I have just been appointed as an estate agent and to date I have yet to receive my first income commission amount. Is it possible for me the apply for a tax directive already?

Tax implications on selling my second property?

What will my capital gains tax be if I received a payment of R680 000 upon selling my second property?

Rental income and fixed deposit

I have some rental income that I would like to invest monthly in my fixed deposit. Do I pay tax on the rental income and the interest yearly? I am a provincial tax payer which means I have to predict my income?

Late return

I misplaced my supporting documents for my 2016 tax return last year, I have since found it but I needed to know if I can still submit my tax form even now that it is late?

Refund or amount due to SARS

I have minus signs in front of my refund amount on my transcripts what does this mean?
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