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Is it possible to have a negative amount for my 1st provisional tax payment?

Is it possible to have a negative amount for my 1st provisional tax payment?

Vehicle expenses for business

When I was a sole proprietor, taxed under my own name, if I drove somewhere on business-related matters, I used my own vehicle. I then claimed those business kilometres as a proportion of the total expenses and depreciation on my vehicle over the course of the tax year. Now I have a (registered) private company - can I still follow the same process, and claim the travel expenses as a tax deduction for my BUSINESS? If not, what are the options for me?

Want to register for a tax number?

I have been tax exempt since 1997 when I left the forces. Been operating on a ad hoc basis doing upholstery work for people privately at home and never completed any tax forms as such. I left the trade seeing it didn't enhance my life at all living on the edge to provide for family. Started as an independent recruiter in 2008 and earning between R 60 - 120 p/annum. Haven't got a tax number and want to know if I have to register and if so how do I go about to registering for a tax number?

Local Assets and Liabilities for a previous (late) period

When I complete a tax return for a previous period (as a sole proprietor), for the Local Assets and Liabilities must I state the CURRENT state of affairs or what the assets and liabilities were during that previous period?

I don't have a question, I have a compliment.

I don't have a question, I have a compliment. I was very stressed about having to submit a provisional tax return for the first time after having been a PAYE individual all my life. It cost be a whopping R49 and 10 minutes of my time to realise it's all good. TaxTim, you are an absolute life saver and I will use your services every single time from now on. You make it so easy to stay out of the SARS bad books :) Thank you again.

Does Pension Lump Sum Income get added to Normal Income for determining tax liability?

Do you get taxed twice when withdrawing early before age 65 from a pension fund? So the first tax is when the tax directive is issued by SARS, and then the second when you complete your tax return and declare the lump sum payout as an income. Does this pension lump sum income get added to your normal income to increase your total income when determining tax liability?

Documentation for provisional tax return?

What documents are needed by TaxTim to complete provisional tax return?

Taxes for a dormant company

Sometime last year I registered a company, but it has basically been dormant and I only pay the -R60 into my FNB business account every month to cover the fees (and keep my balance in the black). Instead I have just been doing business in my personal capacity and paying personal income tax (and provisional tax of course). I am unsure about about the rules governing companies, do I still need to submit any forms to SARS (or anybody else for that matter)?

I don't have an IRP5 as I am an independent contractor

I did not receive an IRP5 as I am an a independent contractor/consultant. All my income was derived through consulting work. Tax Tim is now saying that I need information from my IRP5 or there is a conflict. I am a provisional tax payer and yet the amount I paid in as provisional tax is never requested?

Tax payment from salary

If I am employed under a sole proprietor, and my salary has not deductions at every "pay-day" (eg. I don't received a salary advice reflecting deductions of PAYE or UIF). Would there be any recourse against me from SARS, is it the responsibility of the company to make the relevant deductions each month and to pay it to SARS?

I am really uncertain about all of these things, as in the past (before my retrenchment period prior to this job), the companies that I worked for did all of thes...

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Can you pay provisional tax once per year?

Can you pay provisional tax just once per year in Feb

Medical scheme tax credit

Provisional Tax - how to work out the amount for "medical schemes fees tax credit" and "additional medical expenses tax credit". I believe there is a specific formula to use.

Are home office refurbishments tax deductible?

I am a sole proprietor of a business and work from a study at home. If I refurbish my study (e. G. Put in fixed cupboards and shelving) with the express purpose of improving my business workspace, is the cost of the refurbishment tax deductible? If so, under what item do I place it? Similarly, if I buy items for my home office (e. G. Office chair), are those tax deductible?

Provisional Tax, should I submit?

I get income through three sources:
- Salary
- Rental Income
- Affiliate Advertising Income

This year, I filled in my tax return (using TaxTim) indicating that I am (or should be a provisional taxpayer). However, my rental made a loss after all expenses and my affiliate income was really small for the year (less than R5,000 after expenses). I received the following from SARS in my ITA34 for 2015 tax season:
"According to the information you declared in your income tax return, you were liable to pay provisional tax for this year of assessment...

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Freelancer with multiple sources of income, what sort of tax do I register for and how do I sumbit?

I am a freelancer working in the film industry. As such I have have periods of consistent work with a production company for a number of months, but also gain smaller amounts of income from private work on the side. Giving short courses and doing small corporate or private videos and edits. I am not registred as company and do all work as a private individual. How do I divide up my income, to sumbit for my tax return?
And what type of tax-payer would I register as?

This is my fir...

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12 mth estimate or actual 6 mth figures for medical cr and expenses calc- period 1 2016 Prov Tax?

For Provisional tax that's due now, do I enter medical credit for the year as per SARS instructions and then half it or not? Same question for medical expenses, do I add up medical expenses for 6 months (March to August 2015) and then multiply by 2 for estimate for one year or not to multiply and submit actual?

Tax on Sole Trader

Hi all, I'm considering starting a Sole Proprietor business. I'm not exactly sure regarding the tax implications. Let say for example I receive R10,000 per month (independent contractor I receive this from 3 different sources)... All this income goes into my personal bank account... Should I now pay personal tax on the whole amount of R10,000 or do I just pay personal tax on the net amount after my deductions for bringing forth the income?And if I hire one employee and I get R5k and he gets 5K p...

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Due date for ITR14 for CC's?

When are Income Tax Returns (ITR14) due for CC's. Is it the same as for Individual Provisional Taxpayers?

Zero provisional tax return

I am registered as a provisional taxpayer as I earn investment income however due to contributions made to retirement annuity funds I will not owe SARS anything. In fact I expect a refund. Do I still have to complete a zero provisional tax return?

Provisional tax for business and personal

Last month I registered my company as a Pty Ltd (previously I was a sole proprietor and was being taxed in my personal capacity). I am paying myself a monthly salary from my company, plus charging the company for a portion of the cell phone bill, etc. With respect to provisional tax, are my following understandings correct:
(a) In general, do I need to pay provisional tax both in my private capacity and as a business?
(b) Do I need to pay provisional tax now [August] for my business? (if not, when will I first need to complete my provisional tax return for my business?)...

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When do I submit tax for the first time?

In March 2015 I embarked on my freelancing career. I have been working for numerous companies of which some pay tax and some don't. I also have a business where I get a percentage of profit share. Am I correct in saying that I need to register to become a provisional tax payer and when do I file my first submission?

Provisional Tax Calculation

how do i work out the estimated profits for provisional tax payment to be effected end of august?

Signature required while eFiling?

When completing the IRP6 and ITR12 via SARS eFiling, what happens with the section where they request a signature. Does one ignore that when SARS eFiling?

Should I register for provisional tax if I have more than one employer?

What do you do if you have more than one employer and thus have more than one IRP5 or IT3? Should you register as provisional tax payer or not?

Income tax return 2015

I submitted two provisional tax returns for capital gains tax for 2014/2015. Now I want to submit my annual tax return (ITR12). I already have an IRP5 from my employer. What do I do with the provisional tax information? Do I include it on my annual tax return or what? Please advice
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