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Capital Gains Tax on foreign shares

Hi guys, I have a Dutch client. He moved here and bought a home in 2012. He had foreign (FTSE and S&P) shares which he has just sold for a small profit. My understanding is that he would not be subject to CGT as he has not been considered "resident" via both Ordinarily Resident and Physical Residence yet. Can you clarify pls??

Loan to Company to purchase goods

I have a EME business and from time to time I use my private bank account to purchase items for orders I receive. When I then get paid by the customer I just transfer the money I loaned to the Business beck to my private account. Is that acceptable to SARS and what records must I keep?

Does provisional income/ capital gains count towards income iro RA contributions?

I own a business and I draw a standard non- pensionable salary of R1 440 000 (120K p/m). I pay R360k (30k p/m)to an RA. Which means I actually don't earn enough to achieve the max tax destructibility for my RA. However this year for the first time I have other income from share sales (my share trading G&L statement currently reflects a gain of 264K). Will this income add to the non-pensionable salary above and thereby reduce the disallowed portion of the RA Contribution?

They wanted. My irp 5 for 2011

SARS told me yesterday that I did not submit IRP5 for 2011, I have a copy, how do I submit it to them

Investment income whilst being in the UK

I earn R3000 per month from an investment and this is my sole income. I invested in July 2015. I have been in the UK since July so might be classed as a non permanent resident for tax. While in the UK I have not earned any income and if I have in the past I have paid UK tax. Do I need to file a tax return for this year and get an ITb3 certificate from the bank

Tax on retirement gift from a Church to a Pastor

Our church wants to donate a parting gift to a retiring Pastor of between 500000 and 750000. Will the church have to pay donations tax or will the retiring Pastor have to pay tax on this amount?

No IRP5 on liquidated company

The company my wife has worked for has been liquidated in September 2014. She has worked for them form January 2014 until September 2014. Subsequently she hasn't received and IRP5 because of the liquidation (there is a case pending and they say that they cannot issue the IRP5 until the court has made a decision). She does however have payslips and the company did pay tax in the time period she worked for them. She also has a letter from the auditor explaining this. What do we need to do on SARS ...

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Do I have to spend 63 days out of the country before 28 February 2016 to not pay tax?

I live and work in Malta but travel back to South Africa frequently. I did not have to pay tax for the 2015 tax year because I did 63 days out of the country starting in March 2014 and spent the relevant amount of time not in SA. In 2015 I incorrectly assumed that a day spent in transit did not count, but because in OR TAMBO you have to enter with your passport, I have not done 63 days for the 2016 tax year. Do I have to do 63 days out of SA before 28 February 2016? I read somewhere that the mon...

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Declaring Income on IB3 (b)

I HAVE A ITB3 (b) document/certificate from Nedbank for Income from Investments, Property Rights and Royalties. Where do I need to declare the interest? What source code?

Under which heading can business expenses be claimed eg rates

Under which heading can business expenses be claimed eg rates

Provisional Tax Payer and not a Individual

I'm about to do my first tax return, I'm registered as Individual tax payer but have been doing freelance work on an invoice basis. I did not realise that in this case I would need to be registered as a provisional tax payer instead. Am I correct in saying that I should be registered as a provisional tax payer?

How do I proceed from here?
- I should have done two IRP6's and made payments. - Then I should also do a ITR12, which is then only due in January 2016
What do I do regarding the outstanding IRP6's?...

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Tax overseas return?

I worked abroad on a ship for 8 months and want to know if I exempt from paying tax and how do I go about ensuring I am exempt when filing the tax return.

How do I varify banking details for a refund if I no longer live in SA

SARS has requested me to varify my banking details for a tax refund, I no longer live in SA and do not have a local address. Is there some other way I can do this, I still have an bank account in SA and I am still a citizen.

Tax on interest only, no other income

I am a non working wife, married out of community of property. I am not working
I am 55 years old
I have just received R2 000 000. 00 and have invested it in the bank
I receive monthly interest of R10 000 per month, this is my only income. Must I register to pay tax?
What will the monthly tax amount be?

Capital gain from trust split between spouse and myself

I earn a salary and have an IRP5. This year I have received a capital gain distribution from a trust of which I am a beneficiary of. A property was sold in the Trust and it was decided to split the capital gain between myself and my husband in equal shares. I am not sure how to deal with this on my tax return. I assume that I tick the box that says that a capital gain is applicable - it then asks me to put in the proceeds and base cost etc, but as I only received half the gain I am not too sure ...

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Can I avoid CGT on the sale of EFTs if I move the proceeds directly into an RA.

I am 61 yrs. Old. I have been investing in ETF's as a form of retirement savings since mid 90's. I would like to move my total EFT's into an RA. Would SARS allow me to do this without without having to pay CGT on the "sale" of my EFT's.

Submitting IRP5 document

How do I submit the IRP5

Is it neccessary to have a bank account to submit

Do you have to have a bank account

Is UIF levied on commission earners?

Hi. Does commission earners pay UIF and if so, how much is deducted. The commissions payable is under R6000 per month. Does the employer deduct UIF on amounts below R6000?

Do I still have to submit a tax return having emigrated to Namibia?

My friend lives in Namibia - she recently moved there about 2 years ago. She earns income there and pays medical aid and pension contributions there. She still has a bank account in South Africa together with investments so she is earning interest yearly. Would she still have to submit a tax return? The interest she has earned showing on her IT3b from the bank is just under R900. Would appreciate your help with this? Thank you

Declaring profit on Bitcoin trading and speculation

I am earning a local profit from trading Bitcoin in various exchanges throughout the world. I have lodged this under: Other Receipts Accruals - Royalties - Amount Profit - 49224

This profit was calculated by tracking how many payments I receive FROM BitX.co.za and Ice3x.co.za (which was used to trade Bitcoin for ZAR)
LESS payments made TO BitX and Ice3x, as well as all payments made to my Mercantile Bank account (which is only used to send Forex to offshore Bitcoin exchanges) as well as any other Forex payments (through my main account at FNB) destined for offshore Bitcoin exchanges...

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Are you able to help with semi-complex returns as well such as shares dividends and trust incomes?

Are you able to help with semi-complex tax returns as well such as shares dividends and trust incomes?

What will TaxTim cost?

Hi Tim, I am 68 years old, and employed full time. I receive a salary of R 20,000 per month before tax. I receive an annuity payment of ±R 650 per month and also receive dividends and interest (way below the allowable). I have been paying my bookkeeper ±R 1400 per year in fees for submitting my tax returns. With your system, I do it myself with e-filing?
What does this cost (i. E. How much do I pay you)?

Have an IRP5 but am an independent consultant, how do I answer some questions?

I was part-time employed for 5 months of Tax year 2015, for which I have an IRP5. But I have made income elsewhere throughout the year as an independent consultant (freelancer). I am a little uncertain how to answer some questions, such as: "Did you spend any other money related to your earnings that you think you can claim as a deduction? You must have an amount next to source code 3606 (commission) on an IRP5 to qualify". The expenses I'd like to log relate to work that is not reflected on an ...

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Why file a tax return?

If you advise filing a tax return why do SARS say you shouldn't? I have been told by them not to.. I make minimal money at a very part time job. I do earn interest. I do have quite a few investments in my name too.
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