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Can I put mom's medical contributions on my tax return?

I pay monthly amounts from my bank account for a medical aid for my mom. The medical aid is in her name though. Can I put these contributions on my tax return. If yes where will it be entered on SARS eFiling?

What other documents are needed to hand in with IRP5 at branch or efiling?

Hi, what other documents is requiered at the SARS branch whith my IRP5? And do I need it for SARS eFiling as well? Thanks

Medical contribution codes

If my contribution towards medical aid is R1000, deducted from my salary, and the company pays the other R1000 (50/50) is the code 3810 then supposed to be R24,000?

My understanding is that code 4005 plus 4474 equals code 3810 or have I got it completely wrong?

Out of pocket medical aid expenses from prior years.

Previously I was a SITE taxpayer and did not have submit an income tax return but I was on a medical aid which I paid out of my own pocket. Currently, I have to submit my income tax return. Can I still claim for these qualifying medical expenses as it is within 3 years. I do have my medical certificates as well from my medical aid. If I can claim should I add this to my current tax return or is there additional forms that I need to complete?

Are Gap Cover monthly payments tax deductible?

Are Gap Cover monthly payments tax deductible? "Gap cover falls under the definition of ‚%u20AC%u0153accident and health policy‚%u20ACĚ, in the Short Term Insurance Act No. 53 of 1998, or the Long-term Insurance Act, 1998 and not the Medical Schemes Act, 1998. " My gap cover has said they are unable to give me a tax certificate because it is not tax deductible. Please can you assist.

Tax Clearance Certificate?

How long does it take to get a TCC renewal, over the counter at SARS? Can I send a representative? if so, what are the requirements/

Can I claim the contributions made to my GAP Cover scheme?

Can I claim the contributions made to my GAP Cover scheme under the "not paid by medical aid"?

I have not proof of income to verify my return for 2010

I just found out I need to submit my tax return for 2010. I have submitted it and I am due a refund for 2010. However they are wanting me to verify documents. I have not claimed for any medical expenses, RA's etc. I have never ever received an IRP5 form from my previous employers since I worked there. What documents do I send to SARS, as I do not have any payslips or proof for 5 years ago.

My refund is very low and my medical aid costs is high why is this?

I have submitted my tax return on SARS eFiling but the refund is way less then I expected as my medical aid cost was very high. Could Tax Tim help me to submit my tax again to see if the calculation is correct? Also SARS is auditing every one in my office who submitted their tax returns and no one has been paid yet is there a problem at SARS this year?

Can I correct an already sumbitted tax return?

I submitted my tax and was told how much of a R,,,, amount I will be getting back(great news). However straight after I submitted I realized there is a stack of receipts at home for medical bills that I did not enter. Is it too late to correct the already submitted tax return?

How long will it take to get assessed and refunded( it will definitely be more than the R,,, amount they gave me today). How long do I have to make a correction if I can?

SARS says submit my 2011/2012 tax returns but I wasnt employed nor did I have tax number

I emailed SARS to enquire why my 2015/2015 tax returns have not been paid to me yet and they replied saying my 2011/2012 tax returns were not submitted so until they receive that then they will be able to pay me. However I received my 2012/2013 tax returns with no problems as well as my 2013/2014 tax returns as well. I don't really understand this because in 2011 - 2012 I only had a casual job for 2 months in which my wages were way below a tax bracket and I had no medical payments of my own nor...

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Correction not amended on eFiling

Hi Tim. I submitted my tax through SARS efiling. I am claiming for medical expenses not covered by Medical Aid. The amount to be paid out to me was R5 700. I then had to make a correction as I found another slip which was a lot of money, so I filed for a correction. The amount they paid out in the end, still reflected the initial amount of R5 700. What should I do?

Amount not covered by medical scheme - do I owe SARS?

I got a letter from my medical aid saying "the amount not covered by scheme is R1092". Does this mean I owe SARS?

Beeing assessed after filing correction

Hi. Submit my tax return via SARS eFiling on the 1st of July. I work for saps. Submitted my tax return but then realized that I have made a mistake at the medical deductions and then filed a correction. After 3 weeks I went to SARS personally. The person assist me and after signing the document the computer showed that I am being assessed and the agent said sorry but there is nothing he can do. On the SARS eFiling website I tried to upload documents but without success. Remember I did take the...

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Delayed refund from SARS?

Hi there,

I submitted my tax rerun for this year and SARS have requested returns for 2011 and 2012. Since they didn't ask for these last year, am I correct in assuming that I didn't need to submit them in the past and will therefor not be penalized?

Also, my 2012 return has been selected for verification. Im assuming this is a random selection or perhaps because the three returns together equate to a refund due to me of around R12 000. I cant see any other reason fo...

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Impact of MA contributions less than allowed credit

I am over 65, my medical contributions are less than 3 times the tax credit. Does this negative value get carried forward and offset against any allowed medical deductions or is it zeroed?

Being audited - why is it taking so long?

I submitted by tax return via SARS eFiling on 7 July 2015. On 9 July 2015 I checked what progress had been made only to find a letter stating that they require documentation for review. My employer does not pay my medical aid, I pay the total contribution myself. I submitted the IRP5 again as well as my medical aid tax certificate and RA tax certificate. I have not even claimed to medical expenses I paid out of my own pocket. Every time I call them, I am told that they are still busy with the au...

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Do part-time workers with no fixed salaries qualify as temporary workers and tax refund?

Good day. I am not formally employed. I only do part time work via an Agency (Labour broker) which then deducts tax money before paying me, per shift, on a weekly basis. I got a IRP5 form with a total income of ZAR 350,000 for the past financial year.

Am I a temporary tax payer?
Do I qualify for a tax refund?

I pay medical aid contributions, but my wife is the main member and currently does not get an income

I have exactly the same question as Immortal at the bottom of https://www. Taxtim. Com/za/blog/may-i-deduct-contributions-made-to-my-fathers-medical-aid. Is your answer still relevant for the current tax regulations? What do we need to do and how do I claim for the contributions made by me?

Short term medical insurance - can I claim it as a tax deduction?

Can I claim for Short term medical insurance which I pay over R1000. 00 per month for?
Under the 'not covered by medical aid?

Medical Bill, in which tax year season do I claim back medical expenditure?

Concerning Medical Expenditures: Say I went to the GP Dr in January 2015, Medical Aid did not cover and got the bill of Rxxx in post. My Question: If I only paid the bill in August 2015, do I include the claim for 2014/2015 tax return or the next year 2015/2016. Regards

If I also can claim for tax return

Can u also get tax return if ur monthly pay is 6700

I have a question, I paid for my brothers hospital fees can I claim this as my medical expense

Thank you for your valuable help. I have a question, I paid for my brothers hospital fees can I claim this as my medical expense. The costs were quite high.

Tax treatment of medical aid contribution of an adult dependent who is a student .

My son is over 21 years and still my dependent , as he is still going to university . He has fallen off my existing medical aid as a dependent due to his age . I have now arranged a new medical aid for him and I personally contribute with my after tax income . How do I claim this expenses as he is not working?

Claims not paid by medical aid and code 4020

The claims not paid by my medical aid that they have record of which is depicted on my medical aid tax certificate. Is this already taken into account on my tax return, or do I have to explicitly put this value under code 4020?
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