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ITA34 form

How do I obtain a ITA34 form if I am not registered for tax? Earn below required income to register. For my medical(Boncap) aid say they need it to register me for 2016 membership, although I sent them all the proof of income

Can I claim gap cover on my tax return?

I had depleted my savings last year on my medical scheme and had a self payment gap to cover and then annual threshold benefits would kick in. Can I claim the self payment gap on my tax return?

Amending your tax return after submission

I'm a first time tax payer. I only completed my tax return for the first time this year. I used e-Filing and already submitted my tax return, and received the assessment. I realised that I had to add my Medical Aid tax certificate (My company is not paying for my medical aid, it comes from my pocket). What should I do now, seeing that I already filed my tax return? How am I going to fix this?

Claiming medical expense not covered by medical aid

My partner has no medical aid & is a full dependent of myself.

A) How do I claim her medical expenses?
B) How do I claim medical expenses not covered by my medical aid for myself?

SARS wants me to submut income tax documents from 1991 to 2003. I dont have these. What can I do?

I filed my tax return on Friday 30 October 2015 and SARS said they are now using a new system and said the they need me to file tax returns from 1991-2003. I can not get these IRP's or medical certificates. What must I do? When I went to file my tax return in 2013 they asked me to get the documents from 2006-2013 and file for each year. I got that documents and filed and paid a R500. 00 penalty. They did not ask for anything else and said I was up to date. This year they ask for 1991-2003. Pleas...

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Is it possible to re-submit my 2013 tax return?

Is it possible for me to re-submit my 2013 tax return cause I have been overcharged due to the following documents not submitted, medical certificate and retirement contribution certificate presently those documents are available.

Who should submit additional medical expenses - main member or spouse?

I am the main medical aid member (cover for myself and my spouse). We ran out of our MSA and we incurred some expenses that my spouse paid for herself.

My Question:

Who should submit additional medical expenses not paid for by our medical aid when doing our tax returns, myself or my spouse?

What is the taxation on the gratuity lump sum and on the annuity for medical retirement-GEPF?

I belong to GEPF and was medically boarded. What is the taxation on the gratuity lump sum and on the annuity?

What does code 3801 and 3810 on irp5 stand for? If fringe benefits why wont they appear on payslip?

I am currently completing my 2 daughters, my son in law, my husband and my tax returns and I am unsure of code 3801 and 3810 on my daughter's tax return. What could these fringe benefits be? I don't see it on her payslips?

Structuring of ctc package

My question is how to structure your ctc package for tax purposes, for example my employers has only the following guidelines
Ctc=657 918 per annum. 70% must be taken as salary , the remaining 30% may be structured in a tax efficient manner. I'd like to add a car allowance, as well as a bonus 13th cheque to the value of +- 25 000, and I'd like the company to contribute 12% of package as pension. What should I also consider for tax purposes

Never submitted a tax-return

I have always been horrible with tax and have never submitted a tax-return. I was unaware that is was a "must-do", as I paid tax as per normal. What will happen to me?

Why can't I sign in for a tax certificate?

Why can't I create an account when I sign in to my medical aid. I am trying to get a tax certificate. Every time I put in my membership number I get the message that the code is invalid.

Gross salary IRP5 code?

When you ask in the Income Tax Calculator "Your gross salary is the entire amount, including all benefits, that your boss pays you. " What code should I be looking for on my IRP5?

Verification documentation

I Submitted my tax return but made a mistake on my dependents, I received a letter for document verification. Immediately after that I saw the mistake and rectified it. On that notice it said 'N' by verification. Now I received a letter again to ask for supporting documentation. What should I do?

Would a non-resident get S6A and S6B rebates as well?

Would a non-resident get S6A and S6B rebates as well?

Do I need to declare investments outside SA?

I have been living outside of South Africa for longer than 2 years. I have been investing money outside of SA. The currency is USD. Do I need to declare this investment in my tax return. The money was earned outside the country, and I have not yet tax returned to SA.

Two medical aids

For the first four months of the tax year I belonged to a full medical aid deducted from my salary as part of cost to company. After that I was retrenched and joined a medical aid fund on my own. It is a hospital plan and not a full medical aid - does this still get filled in as a medical aid on the tax form (even though it is just a hospital plan)? If so, would I add the two amounts together to fill in as my medical aid deduction on the tax return or or they separate? - I know the work one has ...

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Send me a tax certificate

How can I get tax certificate from my medical aid?

Non medical aid claims

How are medical claims to be handled for a taxpayer who does not contribute to a medical fund?

Medical costs that medical aid didn't pay for?

I have R5200 worth of medical expenses to claim for. Will I get any of it back?

My medical aid is only deducted after PAYE. (i.e. Income - PAYE) = x less medical aid

My company insist that their calculations are correct. They only deduct my medical aid contribution after PAYE. As a result instead of my deduction being R10 000 to R11 000 odd I end up with at least R15000 plus deductions. Then they are adamant that when I do my tax returns I should get all that is due to me which is not true.

Does disability influence the tax calculation on lumpsum pension fund payout?

If I have been really receiving a disability income from my place of work, how does this affect my pension fund lump sum payout? Is disability taken into account when the lumpsum is taxed?


1. I am retired and a deduction for my Medical Aid Contribution is made from my monthly pension. My Tax Certificate displays a basic Tax Credit (R257 x 2 x 12) which does not include the extra Tax Credit for claims submitted to, but not paid by, my Medical Aid Fund. My neighbour, on the other hand, who also has a deduction for his Medical Aid Contribution from his monthly pension, received his Tax Certificate which reflects a Tax Credit taking into account a basic Tax Credit (R257 x 2 x 12) as well as his claims submitted but not paid by his Medical Aid Fund...

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What are those supporting documents that I need to submit

I have received an email from SARS saying my income tax has been identified for verification and I must submit my supporting documents on my SARS eFiling. What are those supporting documents that I need to submit, if I don't have invoices,medical certificate or travel book. Is it the IRP5 still a supporting document?

Meaning of tax credit ?

What is a tax credit?
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