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Can you assist with complicated tax return, involving extra income, provisional tax etc?

My situation is pretty complicated. I am a provisional tax payer. I earn extra income for 3 properties, but also from a side business. All goes through my own personal bank account, so it is personal tax all of it. I am fully employed, however I was retrenched in 2014 June. I have an income protector and claimed from it for 2 months, until I started work again in September 2014. I have retirement annuities, medical aid etc.

Am I able to use your services effectively and accurately in...

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Where do you include deductions in terms of a business as a sole proprietor?

I know a medical practitioner who in addition to working at a hospital, started their own private medical operations in Jan. As a sole proprietor, I understand that the profit/loss should be included in their personal tax return.

Where on their tax return should they fill in deductions of expenses incurred in the production of income ito the practice?

Out of pocket medical expense of R3920. Will that help my refund?

Out of pocket medical expense of R3920. Will that help my refund? I have no medical aid.

Out of pocket medical expenses deductions not showing on assessment

I have completed my tax return via SARS eFiling and entered R10,200 rand worth of out of pocket medical expenses. When I click on "calculate" results I don't see any SARS reimbursements and the value SARS owes me doesn't change if I add and remove the out of pocket medical expense value. I don't see medical expenses on the calculated results on PDF it creates. Why is it being ignored?

Are medical aid details compulsory if below tax threshold?

Do I have to fill in medical aid details if my income is below threshold and I know I will not receive any money back?

Medical Gap Cover - claimable

I changed from a medical aid with gap cover to a hospital plan with gap cover. I don't have the gap cover tax certificate nor the expenses we paid cash for when on the hospital plan. Is this important to obtain? I think I may be able to get both.

Policies where does that go?

Where do I put in medical aid contributions, retirement annuity, income protection, endowment policy, provident fund?

Thanking you
Debbie Mocke

where do I put medical aid savings interest earned INCOME TAX - IT3(b) in the tax returns?

This year I received R400 from an INCOME TAX - IT3(b) from the medical aid as interest earned, this is the first time I receive it with an amount previously it will just be R0. 00. Do I need to include this amount in my tax return and if I do where do I put in?

Made my own medical contributions whilst unemployed. Can I claim

If I was unemployed for the year and only received a payout from a provident fund, that was taxed by SARS. And continued to make contributions by myself to medical aid. Can I claim anything?

Medical expenses in my return

My company pays my medical aid which is reflected on my IRP5 under code 4005. I have 4 dependants on their own medical aid. I pay the contributions from my bank account. Do I add these contribution amounts to my other medical expenses for same dependants also paid out of my bank account and reflect it under code 4020? Plus do I state the number of dependants including myself as 5/month?
I am never sure how to complete this each year. Thank you

Forgotten Expenses

I have submitted my tax return via taxtim but have forgotten to include out of pocket medical expenses of R4180.

Do I need to fill in a return?

I receive a disability pension and it has become tax free. Do I need to fill in a tax return?

Supporting documents

Hi Tim, I am going through a bit of a nasty divorce and I was working for my inlaws, Submitted my tax return and SARS is now asking for supporting documents. Even tho I was not up for Audit. I have spoken to my attorney and he said he would request the documenst from my inlaws eg my IRP5. I do have a refund due, but the only thing I claimed for was medical aid. Can I just submit that or must I wait for my IRP5?

Med deductions

Med expenses R29227. 00 for year 28/2/15
Income R150000. 00
78 years old
What can I claim for medic

Can I still log Notice of objection after more than 30 days

Hi. I submitted my tax in July but only claimed disability however did not put in my expenses. Like school fees. Can I still log a Notice of objection

Where to put things on tax return

I worked for a company for two months last year and then worked for myself and invoiced out work. This means I have a IRP for the 2 months and then have to declare my income and expenditure on the balance of the year. When I populate the form I say yes to other income (trade). Where do I declare my expenses - such as computer, printing stationery, vehicle, medical, telephone, bank charges?

Those who pay own medical - where do I input Medical Tax Credit (MTC) on efiling?

If you pay your own medical aid (employer contributes nothing) and you wish to get your Medical Tax Credit (MTC) do you input the MTC on e-filing under code 4116? Or is that only for when an employer contributes. If not where do you put it or does SARs calculate it based on your medical deductions section?

Foreign service income exemption

I was hoping to pick your big tax brain before I submit my tax return and cause chaos at SARS.... I qualify for S10(1)(o) in terms of foreign services rendered as I meet the requirements in this regard. My dilemma is I don't know which part of my income I can use to claim the applicable portion of this exemption i.e. Income (3601); Annual payment (3605) etc. To further complicate the situation I had share options exercised in the same tax year!

Would you mind confirming which source codes I can use in the claim?...

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Incorrect medical expenses, can I correct my tax return that is already submitted?

I calculated the incorrect amount for my medical expenses, but I see my tax return is already submitted. Can I still change the amount? And how do I upload my documentation?

Supporting documents for capital gains

I just got notified that you submitted a revised ITR12 which records the primary residence exclusion of R2000 000. The new ITA34 I received now reflects an amount of -R14 290. 15. But now I am being audited. They are not clear on the documents that I have to submit. They ask for my IRP5, medical aid certificate, IT3B tax certificate. With regards to the capital gains part, there are no specific requests. Should I submit the final statement of accounts for the purchase and sale of my former resid...

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No tax certificate for medical insurance

Hi Tim. We don't have a medical aid, we have a medical insurance. They don't provide Tax Certificates. Can we still use the monthly deductions as medical expenses?

Medical costs for operation not paid out by Medical Aid

Hi I have a question regarding medical claims not paid by the medical aid. I had a c-section operation in 2014. The Doctor put in a claim of R13k and the medical aid made a payment from the scheme of R3K, leaving a balance of R10K. The amount for unpaid claims on the medical aid certificate for the 2014/2015 tax year is only approx R4K.

Should this R10K amount of the c-section be added to the medical claims not paid by the medical aid? Tax Code 4020 becomes R4K R10K = R14K. What abo...

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A Earns R60Kpm & pays R7Kpm to medical fund,A is married with 2kids,Wat is his tax credit for 2016

An individual aged 45, married with two small children, is a member of a medical aid fund. He earns a salary of R60 000 per month. He pays R7 000 each month to the medical aid fund throughout the year of assessment ending 28 February 2016. What is the monthly amount of his the medical scheme fees tax credit for the year of assessment ending 28 February 2016

Should pensioners submit a tax teturn?

My parents are 84 and 78 respectively. They receive a monthly pension income of R140 000 /a and a contribute to a medical aid of R 22 500 /a. They dont have They have limited medical expenses not covered by the medical aid. Do they need to submit a tax return?

How can I find out why I'm being audited?

I've done my tax return Ok. I received an SMS that I am being audited and that I will receive the amount of refund on 1 Dec. Why must I wait so long, and how can I find out why I'm being audited?
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