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Medical Posts in Tax Q&A

Medical expenses but no Medical insurance

If you are self employed and do not pay for medical insurance and pay out of pocket for all medical expenses can you still deduct these?

IRP6: Additional Medical Expense Tax Credit & Taxable Income vs Turnover

I've got 2 questions for my IRP6 form for tax year ending Feb 2016:

I am: provisional tax payer; and an individual - no dependents. 1. Is my taxable income the same as my turnover if I don't have any other deductions?

2. Is the amount that I enter into the Additional Medical Expense Tax Credit field literally all the medical expenses that I incurred in the period, which were not covered by Medical Aid?

Contribution to ex-wife maintenance for children tax deductible?

Are contributions to non-working ex-wife's medical aid as part of child maintenance agreement deductible, she is the main member.

Taking medical aid tax credits into account in provisional tax calculation

Hi there, I need some help completing my second provisional tax return. My employer deducts my medical aid tax credits (for myself and a dependent) each month on my payslip. Therefore, on my payslip each month is my gross earnings less my deductions (of which the medical aid tax credit is subtracted from the monthly PAYE amount due). However, at the bottom of my payslip, where it shows total tax paid to date figures, the amount here is the PAYE amount, BEFORE deducting any medical aid tax credit. My question is now when I submit my provisional tax return, do I enter the medical aid tax credits in the section provided for?...

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Is medical aid contributions paid in full by employees tax refundable

I was the principle member of my Bonitas medical aid and was paying R2,076 of the total premium of R5,788. My company paid the difference. Now I resigned and my husband applied to be the principle member through his company but they deducted the full premium. Will he be able to get some of these premiums back when he fills in his tax return at the end of the tax year.

Tax question on medical aid and correction for SARS

I've just got back and seen the email from SARS. I have a few questions. 1. I made a mistake on the foreign Income, as it was through the business and not my personal account. I was busy doing my business accounts while filling in my personal tax and got confused. 2. My medical aid was paid by my previous employer. They forgot to cancel my medical aid and have asked me to pay them back for that year. I received a tax certificate from my medical aid so do I still qualify to claim tax from that?

How does it work now if you just earn commission but tax and uif does not get deducted?

Hi. I used to work for company that deducted tax from my salary, so I'm a registered. But now I work for a company that does not deduct tax and I only get commission. My question is how do I claim my tax for my medical aid if I don't receive a IRP5?

How does it work now if you just earn commission but tax and uif does not get deducted?

Where to disclose SASSA income on tax return?

I receive a disability state pension from SASSA as well as another small monthly annuity. Do I have to put the SASSA income onto my tax return? And if so what documents do I need and where does it go on the form?

Medical rebates when without medical aid scheme.

Provisional tax payer. Over 75. No med aid. What can I claim for medical expenses?

Meaning of medical tax credits and medical fringe benefit?

Tim! Please advise on these 2 things :I am a teacher, this month (january 2016) payslip reflects the following;

1)I have 2415. 00 under medical fringe benefit. What do these numbers mean? is it money?

2)Medical Tax credits are 721. 00, Whats the meaning of this?

Medical costs deducted on IRP6 form

We have no medical aid, but have dental and optometrist receipts for work done. How can we deduct this when we declare the IRP6 and ITR12?

R366 364.00 per annum TTC and my pension will be at 10 percent, what will my net be

If a company offers me R366 364. 00 per annum TTC and my pension will be at 10 percent, what will my net salary be? No medical aid deductions applicable

Can you claim back school stationary, private school fees and gap insurance as a private individual

when submitting your tax return, can you as a private individual make any claims on school stationary (books, pens etc), private school fees and / or gap insurance for medical aids?

Can I claim for medical expenses if I have no income?

I was retrenched last year at the end of January 2015. I have not worked since then but I have been paying medical aid privately. How do I claim (or can I claim) for all my medical expenses?

Medical Gap Cover

I took out medical gap cover under my own name. I have since stopped working. The debit order for it has changed to my husbands bank account. Can he still claim for the gap cover under "costs not covered by medical scheme" if the policy is in my name and he pays for it?

Slitting income when married in community

Can you please explain what amounts get slit 50/50 when a couple is married in community of property please? My husband is retired and I am the breadwinner. We receive rental and interest. Also what to do with the medical expenses, both membership & additional, in my name only?

Can my husband claim medical if the wife makes the payments?

I became a stay at home Mom as of 1 Dec 2015. I know money's transferable from hubby are not taxed. Can I still pay for things and my hubby claim for them? I have a disability and have two autistic sons. All three of us are registered as disabled with SARS.

What to do when disability & medical on ITR12 is not part of ITA34 and received letter of completion

Hello TaxTim, for the tax year 2015 I completed my ITR12 through e-filing on the 26-11-2015, including my disability totals. The same day I received the ITA34 but not reflecting my disability & medical costs. I also received a letter to submit supporting documents the same day and did so on that same day. I also filed a NOO on the 10-12-2015 objecting the fact that they excluded the disability & medical claim/section, accompanied by the supporting documents. They send me an SMS that I have to pa...

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What are fringe benefits?

My company pays for my medical aid in full. But I get taxed more on my salary,They say its called fringe benefits. Please explain

Statement of account issued but still under audit

I recently did my tax return for the first time as this is my second year been employed, my tax return showed -R2133 I was than asked for additional documentation I submitted my IRP5 and Medical aid certificate. After that I was selected for an audit and after about a week I received my statement of account but I still have not received my refund does this mean the process is complete? I noticed that on the statement of account under audit it says "yes". Whats does that mean and how long does th...

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As a doctor having my own private practice, can I use your TaxTim?

I am a medical doctor. I am having my own private practice. Can I use TaxTim to submit my tax return.

Can you be taxed more on your salary by employer?

Can your employer tax you more on your salary, than what the tax calculator said?

Will my dad be taxed as his income if I pay his gap cover for medical aid?

I want to pay GAP cover for my dad - he is the main member of the scheme and I the payer. Will he be taxed on the premium of the gap cover as income?

If registered as a (PTY) Ltd today, when does operations start

Hi Tim. If I register as a (PTY) Ltd today, when do I have to start declaring everything to the receiver considering that i'm currently operating as a sole proprietor?

Independent Contractor Setup

Hi TaxTim

Great site!

I need guidance on what is required ito independent contractor (IC) tax & vat requirements. 1) If trading through my PTY LTD company as an IC, do I pay companies tax as well as personal income tax?
2) Do I deduduct all claims and deductions (medical aid, RA) prior to paying over tax, or only when I reconcile/ file tax?
3) How many times a year do I need to file tax returns?
4) Do I need to setup PAYE and UIF?
5) Income will exceed R1m per year, so vat should be registered. If true, When do I pay vat over to SARS and what paperwork is involved?...

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