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Where to declare foreign income on ITR12

I am in the US on a work visa. I have not been back to US in over 2 years. I have South African rental income for the 2014 tax year but no salary income. Where do I declare my foreign income on my ITR12? Is it under SARS code 4222 or Exempt Amount i. T. O. S10(1)(o), or both?

Audit complete, still no refund from SARS?

I filed my return on 07/01/2015. I received no communication from sars until 02/02/2015 informing me I was selected for an audit. I submitted all required documents. I received the letter of completion of audit on 23/02/2015. My statement still shows the same refund amount, but since then no refund was paid.


What EXACTLY does this mean:"Foreign tax credits for this period (6 months) - if you earned money from overseas and any taxwas withheld or paid, include that amount here"?I get rental money (paid into an account in the UK) from a flat I own in London. I have to pay tax on that in the UK. So what does the above mean as far as I am concerned (I'm completing my second IRP6 for 2014-2015 period)?

Freelance Income from International Clients on ITR12?

I have a international client that pays me monthly but they cannot supply me with an IRP5 since they not based in SA. How do I go about paying my tax?

Offshore Tax working for SA company

I work offshore for a SA company and as such have monthly tax deductions. I have been out the country for more than 183 days of which 105 days were consecutive. Do I qualify for tax exemption and able to claim my tax back?

S10(1)(o)(ii) - does all the time out of SA need to be spent actually working?

I am a freelancer, and last year I spent 248 days out of SA, in three blocks (including one block of more than 60 days). During some of this time out of the country, I did some contract work - two jobs for two different foreign companies, and one job for a South African company. But I spent much of the time not actually working, but travelling/holidaying. Of the 248 days, only 97 were spent on work contracts. So I just want to clarify whether the income I earned on those three contract jobs is t...

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Calculation of 183 days outside South Africa for income tax exemption as per Section 10 (1)(o)(ii)

Can the entry and exit dates as per the South African Passport Control stamp in you passport be used as the entry and exit days (both days included) to calculate the 183 days outside South Africa for foreign salary income tax exemption, as per Section 10 (1)(o)(ii) for example: depart from South Africa the morning of 1 January 2015, passport stamped as "exit" by South African Passport Control and enter South Africa again on afternoon 10 January 2015, passport stamped as "entry". So days outside ...

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What does a risk assessment entail and when will I receive my money. I am a pensioner

I did my return at the Roodepoort offices of SARS where all the details were input by a lady at SARS because I could not get my various certificates to 'pull through'. The lady handed me an ITA34 and said she was surprised that I was not selected for audit. The ITA34 shows SARS owes me R1 000 odd. This is now outstanding since 22 November and when I query this, I am told that this is due to a risk assessment being done by SARS. The first time I queried this I was told it would take 90 days t...

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What are the requirements to claim back PAYE when working outside the country (SA)

What are the qualifications if working outside SA to claim back your PAYE?

Cruise Ship Work?

I work on a cruise ship and get paid in US Dollars. I am only in south africa probably 8-10 weeks a year. Do I have to declare that foreign income and pay tax on it? also if I want to buy property here how will that impact me on a taxation basis?

Implications for permanent residence application if non-res performs work outside SA for SA employer

Hi Tim,I am responding to your answer to a question: don't seem to be able to respond within the thread.I am in a similar position - also a UK national on a local contract since April 2012 (first two years on an intra-company transfer visa, now on a general work permit) and it looks like I might have to work on projects outside SA.If I do this and reduce my tax liability, what does this do to my a...

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should I do a tax form.

I've worked in the DRC up to June 2013. Then I was put on pension. I was unemployed up to April 2014. I was not sure whether I still have to do my tax certificate. Thanks

Tax exemption on foreign employment income?

I own a consulting company and have been contracted to do work oversees.
I expect to be out of the country for more than 183 days including a period exceeding
60 consecutive days.

I believe I am eligible for the tax exemption on my income for the period.
However I am unsure if I am defined as an independent contractor?
I pay myself a monthly salary from the company and therefore I believe I should
be regarded as an employee and not an independent contractor.

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Cruise ship salary - is it taxable?

I work for a cruise ship company and receive a monthly salary. I have been outside of SA for over 183 days and 60 days consecutively. I do not get an IRP5 from them. I understand that I will be exempt from taxes under s10 (1)(o). I am however uncertain where to document this in my ITR12. Do I document the entire amount under "amounts considered non taxable" under the heading exempt amount? Or do I work out the exempt amount according to the number of days I was abroad? The form also has a sectio...

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What is the 12 month period to be exempt form income tax?

From when is the 12 month period you must be out of SA to be exempt from SA income tax?

Can South Africans work tax free in South/ Central America ? Or is this only applicable to the Gulf.

Tim, I am an engineer and I want to take my family to South/ Central America and go work there for a few years for an international company. The aim is to make as much money as possible. Would I have to pay tax in any of the countries in South/ Central America ? I did something similar working in the gulf and didn't have to pay tax at all as I was out of South Africa for 15 months. That was 10yrs ago. Would the same hold for all countries in South/ Central America or does it depend on the specif...

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Tax if working in Angola?

My husband is working in Angola since September 2013, do we need to fill his tax? He paid tax previously and was working in SA from March 2013 - June 2013? Do we only fill tax for the 4 Months?

Tax rebate for working out of South Africa but paid in South Africa

I work overseas , for about 8 months of the year, sometimes 2 months at a time. I am paid by a South African company in Rands into a South African bank account. Is there a tax rebate for this?

Tax obligations on monetary gift from foreign source?

I am a UK Citizen and have had Temporary Residence in South Africa for a few of years. I work in South Africa, have a valid work permit and am married to a South African.

My parents in the UK (who are British Citizens) would like to put a gift into my UK Bank Account of just over R1,000,000. My UK bank account has sat dormant for years and I submit my SARS Tax Return with the details of my active South African Bank Account. Will I, or my parents, have any tax obligations in South Africa in relation to the gift? Also, am I required to reflect the gift on my next Income Tax Return in South Africa?...

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Is there a tax on bringing large amounts of cash in from offshore account?

My brother has been working on the ships for a while, and wants to transfer about R1mil to his South African account to buy property in Cape Town.

The money is currently in an account in the Cayman Islands.

Everything I have read indicated allowances and limits taking money out of South Africa. Are there any tax implications bringing money in?

How long to wait for my refund from SARS and what must I do?

On 01/07/2014 I have submitted my returns and then I was selected for audit the next day later I submitted my supportive doc.31 days later I received a letter from SARS which state verification of assessment is complete. I then went to SARS head office to find out if there is anything they will need from me after receiving a letter of verification and they said No my money will paid to me after 21 working days now 21 days have passed by and I phoned SARS to find out why my refund is still not pa...

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"Refund Review" by SARS?

Tim, With reference to the blog posted by yourself : What?%u20AC%u2122s the delay with getting my SARS Refund? I would like to know what could typically flag this type of audit? The documents I submitted was nothing out of the ordinary and it has now been 2 months since I filed my return - the audit were concluded on the 8th of August 2014. If this is an automated tool why is the turnaround time 30-60 days?

How do I know if I am a tax resident of South Africa?

My client was employed in Zimbabwe for 11 of 12 months, so he qualifies as being out of the country for more than 183 days. However, he regularly traveled back to SA on week-ends for a break, so was never out of the country for more than the 60 days in a row as required. Does this then disqualify him from being a non-resident for tax purposes?

Shoud I (non South African) pay tax on my global income which comes to my non resident account?

I am a foreigner working overseas. My spouse, also a foreigner, lives in South Africa on a work permit and pays taxes here. When I am not doing my consultancies, I come to South Africa to stay with my spouse. I have recently opened a non resident account in South Africa so that my consultants fees can be paid to the account here and it will help me with liquidity as well as eventual investments that I may want to make. What is my tax liability in South Africa?

Foreign unemployment benefits - counting as foreign income or otherwise taxable in RSA?

Hi - I am from Europe, working in the RSA for a South African employer since early in the 2014 tax year. During the period between March 1st 2013 and my arrival/start of work in the RSA, I had no salary, but received an amount in unemployment benefits from the European country I then lived in. Are those benefits taxable in South Africa (as income or otherwise), and if so, under what heading should I enter them for my 2014 tax return? Foreign Income, some other category?
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