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TaxTim Refund Policy Explained

Each time SARS makes changes on eFiling or with their standard operating procedures, TaxTim has to adjust its systems and processes. We usually receive no warning of these technical changes. During this time, some of our users might feel a need to abandon our service and either seek help elsewhere or go and queue at SARS. 

We understand this may cause frustration, however we will not refund you in cases where you have worked your way through every section of the TaxTim dialogue and have used our system to check your tax return and generate a complete tax return and refund estimate.

TaxTim explicitly does NOT provide refunds in the cases below:

  1. You were unable to submit your tax return via the TaxTim integration due to factors outside of TaxTim's control e.g SARS technical glitches, eFiling updates, delayed eFiling connection, etc
  2. You communicated with TaxTim via any channel other than the online helpdesk (e.g. social media / email enquiry) and this delayed the submission of your return; 
  3. You made payment by mistake, in the case where another offer or discount exists, that you did not know of / redeem,
  4. You made payment, but the service is now free / discounted to you via a partner offer;
  5. You made payment more than 7 days ago, but no longer wish to continue with the service;
  6. SARS requires you to take an action that TaxTim cannot perform on your behalf, such as a physical visit to SARS or an online SARS appointment;
  7. You submitted your tax return via TaxTim but SARS had already completed an auto assessment/estimated assessment and you decided to accept the result of the auto assessment;
  8. You submitted your tax return via TaxTim, but SARS had already completed an auto assessment/estimated assessment which has passed its deadline for acceptance/rejection and therefore your tax return was rejected on eFiling.

Only in a case where the below services are NOT rendered will TaxTim consider providing a refund in the form of a TaxTim voucher code for use in the future. Should a credit not be satisfactory then a full refund will be made into the account used to make the purchase to the value of the amount paid for the transaction.

  1. Ask questions about your incomes and expenses and complete your tax return form, providing a refund estimate (ITR12 only), based on your answers.
  2. Allow you to file your tax return into SARS 1) via TaxTim, 2) via eFiling, or 3) by request to our helpdesk.
  3. Provide an answer to a question submitted via our online helpdesk within the time periods indicated at the time of asking.

For our full terms of service, please click here

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