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The new SARS auto-assessment

How to reject the SARS auto-assessment

Step 1:

If you have been auto-assessed by SARS,  you may see the screen below when you log into SARS eFiling.

Please click on "View".

You may also see this screen:

If you click on "View" or "OK", both will send you to the following screen.

Step 2:

You can choose to either "View Assessment" or "View Return".

If you click on "View Assessment", the screen below appears and you will see the final balance of the auto-assessment. 


If you click "View return" you will see the return that SARS has generated to produce the auto-assessment.

Step 3: 

Click "Edit Return" to amend the auto-assessment and file your return.


After you edit the auto-assessment, your Income Tax Work Page will have two returns on it. Version 1 will be the auto-assessment. Version 2 will be the new issued return for you to complete and submit to SARS.



  1. You only have until the end of tax season to resubmit your tax return. If you miss this deadline, your auto-assessment will become your final assessment. You will however, be able to request an extension on eFiling if you cannot meet this deadline.
  2. Remember, the SARS auto assessment is  based on the data made available to SARS by 3rd parties.  If you had out of pocket medical expenses, donated to a Public Benefit Organisation, qualify to claim travel expenses or home office costs, used a personal laptop for work purposes, or earned rental or freelance income, SARS won't know of it and the auto-assessment won't include it either.

Please read our FAQ or further information on auto-assessments. 











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