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We’ve put together a few FAQs which have come from many of our users. These questions vary from the filing process on TaxTim as well as the generic tax questions which can often be quite unclear. With the tax filing season deadline being just around the corner, we’d like to ensure you’ve got the correct information and tools to help you navigate your way around the processes. Knowing exactly what to do when it comes to your taxes during this final stretch. After all, according to SARS, filing a tax return is your responsibility and not your employers'.

1. When I’m attempting to link up my eFiling profile with TaxTim, I am informed I have a Corporate Profile which needs to be an Individual Profile. How do I change this?
If you don’t complete anything else other than your Individual tax returns via your eFiling profile, please log into your eFiling profile, click HOME then USER then click on Change website profile. Under New Personality select Individual and scroll down and click on Submit.

Thereafter, please log out of eFiling and then log back in, you should see that you now have a blue banner Individual eFiling account. Then please head back to TaxTim and enter your eFiling username and password again to connect.

2. Why is SARS suddenly picking up old tax returns as outstanding, when previously they never asked about these returns?
You need to maintain an unbroken filing history with SARS. Therefore, if you filed your tax return a few years back and then didn’t file for a year or two for some reason (perhaps you were not earning income), SARS will flag these outstanding returns when you file a more recent tax return. It is also likely that they will withhold your tax refund (if you have one due) until these outstanding returns have been filed. If you didn’t earn income, then you can simply file a nil return for these outstanding years.

3. How to resubmit or correct an already submitted return to SARS?

3.1 If you are submitting via eFiling:
Log into SARS eFiling and navigate to your submitted tax return which you want to correct, by going to Returns - Returns History - Personal Income Tax (ITR12) - click on ‘open’. Under the link to your tax return will be a button called ‘Request Correction’. This will issue a second version of your tax return which will already be populated with the same amounts as the original one you submitted. You can change this version and then re-submit.

3.2 If you are submitting via TaxTim:
Look at the emails received from TaxTim. Find the one which contains the ITA34 for the tax return you want to correct. For example, if it is for 2018, the email subject will be: 'SARS ITA34 for 2018 tax season'. Open it and you will see the wording 'If you want to submit a revised return, click here’. Click the link and follow the instructions to submit a revised return to SARS via our site.

You can also log into your TaxTim Profile and click MY RETURNS and then the year you wish to resubmit. There will be a button saying Submit Correction which you can click.

If the button is greyed out, that means SARS is too far down the assessment process and will not allow a correction for that year. You will then need to file a dispute instead.

4. Why can’t I see my return on eFiling after TaxTim submitted it for me?
If you don’t see your tax return immediately on eFiling after we’ve confirmed that it’s been sent to SARS, you needn’t panic. SARS usually processes it around 6pm on the day we submit and then it should appear in eFiling shortly thereafter.
We will then send you the assessment as soon as we receive it from SARS.

5. When should I receive my ITA34 (assessment)?
You can expect your ITA34 within 24 hours after it appears in eFiling, unless you have received a tax directive during the year which would cause a delay. If this is the case, SARS will need to do some manual checks but they will insert a note on eFiling informing you that this is the reason for the delay.

6. What if something doesn’t apply to me while I am answering TaxTim’s questions?
Then you simply answer the first question in the section as ‘No', or ‘doesn’t apply’ (depending on which button is displayed) and it will take you to the end of the section.

7. How do I update my banking details with SARS?

This can be done in the following ways:
• in person at a SARS branch or,
• via eFiling (Go to Maintain Taxpayer Registered Particulars Menu) Note, you will still need to go into a SARS branch with all relevant documents to verify these details or,
• when submitting your ITR12 (Income Tax Return) or,
• at a SARS Mobile Tax Unit
You can’t change your bank details at SARS via phone, fax, email, post or dropbox.

These are the documents you need to submit:
• Original ID (ID book or driver’s licence) or Passport and a copy thereof which MUST be certified (a black and white copy is best).
• Original bank statement or ATM/Internet generated statement or ABSA eStamped statement, not more than three months old, which confirms the account holder's legal name, bank name, account number, account type and branch code.

Where a new bank account has been opened, and a bank statement isn’t available yet. You’d need to get an original letter from the bank, not older than one month, on the bank letterhead with the original bank stamp reflecting the date the bank account was opened.


• Copy or original proof of address (reflecting your name and surname) such as a utility bill from Telkom, your rates and taxes bill, educational institution account (e.g. University bill), eToll account, major retail account, any court orders(!) or traffic fines. Once again these documents must be less than 3 months old.
For further details, see our blog on How to Change Your Bank Details at SARS.

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